Thursday, April 30, 2009

driving 101

had a little set back. as i was journaling this morning i realised and wrote that i don't want to have it be another months or years before i feel like i am back on track again. i wanted this to be my prayer. i've been down that road before and i know the pain and time it takes to get well again. then i remembered something halle berry shared in an interview once. she said something to the effect of...

now when she falls, it does not take as long to get 'up and on' again because we have been there before, we have learned, and we know now what it takes to get back on course.

i imagine it's like driving right, you find you are a bit lost. you stop the car, check the map if need be, turn around or move in a new direction to get back on course. once there, back on course, move straight ahead. and just as important, you know better for next time. happy traveling.
photo by candykirby

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

on dreams

i've had some interesting dreams this past week. i thought, silly me, that can't mean what it seems to mean. it turns out that it does. strange. in a way, i have always thought dreams do mean something, but there was a part of me that thought as well, that it's all poppy junk. well it turns out that this dream represents itself in real life.

a part of me feels that if we feel something deep enough in our heart, somehow it may register as truth, and it can manifest itself in our dreams.

what do you think?

Monday, April 27, 2009

monday surprise

hello lovelies! look inside and see what it is... have a sweet week!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

private baths

i'm such a fan of bathrooms in general, and white ones in particular! i discovered the privacy and intimacy of this space apart when i was a little girl. i would go into our bathroom, close the door of course, and sit on the floor and bask in the quiet and privacy. loved it! i still love the privacy of the bathroom. and now too, i swoon over pretty ones, soft white or pink towels, claw foot baths, if a chair fits even better for sitting and relaxing while creaming my skin. but my absolute favorite is a bathroom with a window that looks out on a pretty view. it all just seems like positive stimulation for the senses, water, softness, and beauty... delightful is a word i don't use very often, funny. but i think it fits with these sentiments...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

holiday musings

one of the charms about getting older as a woman is getting wiser. as i am thinking about my summer holidays, these days it's getting harder and harder for me to run away from what i really want. you know as young ones we can talk ourselves out of what we really want in the name of being logical, rational, or dare i say prudent...

i'm thinking i may go ahead and pay a little more for a pretty hotel room. my peace and well being is worth a few more dollars, or should i say euros.

a pretty hotel room might do me just fine, when in the past i would sacrifice beauty and comfort to save. but now i am thinking, even if it may mean less days in paris, a lovely parisian space might be in order...

image by bersa

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

will work for...

i will work for my new pair of summer keds tennis shoes. i like to buy a fresh pair every few summers. i was asked to babysit tomorrow evening. i thought i'd use the dollars to buy my summer keds...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

paris encore...

i saw a girl lean over to kiss a friend on a stopped motorbike on the cheek, twice, here and then there. the trees cast patterned light on the street. we went out for dinner and, for fifteen francs, had the best meal i had ever eaten, and most of all, nobody who lived there seemed to notice or care. the beauty and the braised trout alike were just part of life, the way we do things here., on the other hand, looked exactly as it was supposed to look. it wore its heart on its sleeve, and the strange thing was that the heart it wore so openly was in other ways so closed, mysterious, uninviting. ~paris to the moon by adam gopnik

paris has been on my mind... i think i may follow this thoughtful invitation and see where it may lead me... ~me

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sweet you

rain today. april showers bring may flowers. often on rainy days i feel sad, but not today. i feel pretty good. listening to phoebe snow. do you know who phoebe snow is? if you do, you are telling on yourself in terms of your age and wisdom:)
been out of touch. drama with the internet. it should be resolved by now. something about wires in the basement and waiting for the super to come back from vacation. it's a real drag. but i've had to occupy myself other ways. like music and reading, care of the soul. not too bad a way to pass the time. plus i'm not the kind of girl to 'rush' anyone's vacation. not the way i roll... i'm too much of a fan of holidays...
so sorry to be out of touch... i've been reading your messages and checking in when i can. i like too your lovely messages... merci a bunch!
be sweet dear yous!