Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas morning walks

woke up this morning and brushed my teeth, put on some clothes and went for a walk along the boardwalk with views of manhattan. the sky was big and blue, i thought what a nice thing on christmas day.

now i know folks like to have a white christmas, and i must admit there is something nice about seeing the cute little snow flakes falling on christmas eve. but in new york, lots of snow, and heavy snow storms are not unusual. so i know there will be plenty of time for snow with january vying for its turn in the winter months. for now, for me, it's nice that it's not too cold yet, and the sky is big and blue, with nice views.

i just thought it would be a nice way to start the day, it was. sweethearts and families and children up and out taking advantage of the morning. strangers smiling at one another, wishing merry christmas. why can't christmas be everyday?

while walking i noticed a number of folks with coffee in tow. i envy coffee drinkers, it really does seem like a pleasureable experience. coffee gives me the shakes, so i can't drink it, but for those who do, they seem to enjoy it so. such a sweet indulgence, no? a moment between you and your coffee... and new yorkers do like their coffee to go. something about it, having a boost while on the way to the next 'thing to do.' but this morning, walking along the boardwalk, there was no rush. folks were almost still, taking their time. couples holding hands, mommies and daddies pushing baby carriages, children testing out their new bicycles that 'santa' delivered only hours ago. hope all is good for you and yours this christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas

s. is coming to visit from madrid, just a few days after christmas. funny the preparations i'm making. it's funny because i'm not a domestic person in the least. and in general i haven't had many guests so i ask myself how does one prepare for a guest? strange i know, i should know this by now.

but i figure, it's pretty basic right? the sheets and towels are already cleaned. the house is clean already as well. i learned to clean because my grandmother worked as a cleaning lady. when i was a little one, maybe 8 or 9 years old, she would take me with her in the summertime to work. we took long train rides out to the suburbs to the homes of the wealthy, or rather well off. i remember how i loved those train rides. looking back now i wonder if it is because i love to travel, no matter how short the distance. traveling to places and enviorns, the newness of it all, i love it! anyway, we would arrive, divide the rooms to be cleaned amongst us, and get to it. i learned to clean, and i had a chance to be in spaces and places with lovely furniture in beautifully decorated homes, in gorgeous neighborhoods with lots of space and greenery. i think it some how fed my desire for loveliness, at least in the physical.

so with the cleaning done, when s. and i are together (m. completes our trio, but i have to wait until april to see her; more sweetness on the horizon), we like having our wine, and cheese, and olives of course (we lived in spain), and we sit and chat for hours and listen to music. oh, and he likes candle lit spaces. so i've bought more candles, some wine, olives.... i think i only need to buy a few groceries, and with that some nice cheeses. wish me luck...

it's nice right? holidays, a break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday, moments with friends... christmas love to you all...

Friday, December 21, 2007

christmas wanderings

i must confess, yesterday while doodling about the house for far too long, i talked myself into getting out and roaming around the city. i thought i would have a look at the holiday windows since they tend to be quite yummy, so good to look at. i had the idea to get myself to 5th ave, but when i did get there, just off central park, i remembered that the action of christmas is not along the park on the east side of town. in fact, it is quite quiet and elegant where the serious moneyed of new york reside. the upper east side is tranquil and posh. it was almost deserted, except for alec baldwin (i kid you not) walking along with his lady companion, i and another wanderer. after strolling along for about 20 minutes i decided to venture off the quiet and tranquil and oh so pretty residential area in search of fun christmas windows...

i found myself on madison avenue and all the shop windows were all but glowing with christmas liveliness. the shop windows are a true pleasure to see, just to savor the creativity of christmas expression.

i do hope that the joy...

of this christmas season, falls on you abundantly in the coming year...

Monday, December 17, 2007

eye candy

'i am legend,' what can i say? the film starts off intriguing, as will smith is thought to be the sole survivor on earth. it's great that as an actor, alone, he can carry the film. it's interesting watching him move about on screen as he does his daily doings. plus he's eye candy, just delicious to look at. but in the end the film doesn't hold up.
More eye candy... 'Atonement.'
it's a pretty film to watch. i read the book a few summers ago, which is wonderful, well written and intriguing. but during the film my mind kept drifting and matching the images with the story i had read. i wasn't as focused as i could have been. or does that say something about the film, that it does not keep me in the moment... could be a totally different experience for someone who has not read the book. but in the end, it is a beautiful film to watch, a pleasant space to be in for a moment.

what comes first?

i like to have my desert before my meal. for example, sweet chocolate as the first taste is divine. indulgent! and as i have said, there is something sweet about doing some of the things we are not supposed to do. i suppose like being a bit of a rebel, ...without a cause. not writing within the lines, colouring girl's hair pink in my colouring book as a wee one, having desert first. shaking up the order of things.

one thing that came to me in these moments that i could never do is... well, someone once said to me that she always reads the ending of a book first to see how it ends. to see if it's a story that she wants to spend her time reading. i could never. sacrilege! reading the ending of a story first. i like the intrigue and wonder of not knowing, of slowly coming to what will be. ... then why is it so hard for us in life to wait and wonder to see what will be, ...the surprise and mystery of it all? there. i've done it, mentioned the complex. no desire for the complicated right now. chocolate cake first!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

beautiful dawn

where have i been? just
alone. time to think.
growing to do.
am i the only one,
or is it that everyone else is so much better at it?
where am i now?
a life worth living.
kinda like a symphony;
in blue,
moving and moody,
a hypnotic meditation on
who i’ve been,
who will i be?
thought i was alone,
but you remembered me, knew where to find me.
you found me here,
in this place where
the dawning of a new day
mingles with a lifting night.
a hue of ecstasy, a hint
of a surprise, lights
the sky again,
pouring in through baby’s
blue skylight,
filling the crib with a lullaby like presence,
while painting me anew…space,
fashioning in a bridge to tomorrow,
adorned with lavender lilacs and baby’s breath,
a fusion of a past and present,
only this time, a kind of
flowering for the future,
a flourish of inspiration,
a prospering in prettiness,
all festive like! a party,
…and new birth brass band
has been invited, on the music box.
hope you can come by again,
step in for some wine and goodies,
some philosophical musings,
barefoot dancing beneath
the blue crystal mobile,
it’s just the beginning again,
only better…
once more with love.
© audrey paradis