Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson

i've prided myself on not watching televison while on holiday for weeks. when i sign on to check my email i get little tidbits of info about 'wha't goin on.' i'd heard about the speech president obama made in egypt. i heard it was impressive. i have in mind to read it when i return to the states. and i must admit that i miss and like our new president.

today i read a bit about farrah fawcet passing. and i had to pause. i remembered my sister and i sitting in front of the television watching charlies angels. she was kate jackson and i was jacqueline smith, sabrina and kelly. it seems like yesterday. we were such little girls.

i read about ed mcmahon passing and i remembered his laugh as he sat with johnny carson.

i'm not always proud of watching television but i guess as kids in the states we were the t.v. generation passing hours in front of the television. i swear i watch less television now, and i read more.


and i mean a huge... 'but'

the passing of michael jackson. i'm sitting here in my room on holiday checking my email and the new york times tells me that mj has passed. it's strange. there is no one here but me. i've no one to ask. no one to talk to. is it for real? and it is a real question. if you happen to pass by this space... tell me please.

all the stuff about him and the kids, i've no idea what went down. but what i can share is that he had a special talent for music and dance. and it will be a long time coming before another can match his talent and ability, if ever. he was great at it!

it really is surreal! i wish him blessings and peace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


it's the end of the day here. i'm sitting on my bed and my legs and feet are happy to be in the air. relaxing, resting as i have been walking a lot these days, like a child eager to explore. yesterday i walked and talked with l. we talked about this wanderlust so many of us have. this eagerness to go and see and experience new places and spaces. today on the countryside we had lunch outdoors under the big blue sky. we were joined by a large number of argentinans and i got to thinking... hmmm i've never been to argentina. good looking people, and a language that sounds like a song when they speak... i really love visiting new places. sometimes i just go traveling in my thoughts... which can be nice as well.

i gave in and bought the 'twilight' novel, to see what all the fuss is about...

flower your days

this is one of the views from my friend m.'s apartment in the center of the city. i just love the rooftops here... lovely.
hoping that you are well and enjoying your summertime. is today the first day of summer? or tomorrow? either way, what a beautiful question to ponder...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

morning rituals...

the sky in madrid looks like this.

it's one of the things that i love here, the sky is so big and blue. it's hot here as well, but i like the heat. i feel like i'm in an out-door sauna, and it feels good. my skin is warmed and sunkissed after a long new york winter. i start my day with tea and writing in a cafe...
have a sweet day dear you!

Friday, June 12, 2009


these days you can find me here...

in madrid. tonight after dinner i had a little walk with myself. the nightime air is lovely. persons are moving about in madrid nighttime led by the city lights. or at least i know i am. i've been asked what will i do on my holiday time, but i've no special plans. i hope to revel in my likes... ice cream, red wine, nighttime walks, a nice read...

and where will i go from here? not sure. france maybe... dare i...

i hope you are doing well dear reader. this is my 200th post. when i reached 100 i thought, so what, no big deal. but i am learning to celebrate the 'little things' in life. when we dedicate our time to something we love, as i love blogging and visiting your blog too! i think it deserves celebrating...


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

honey baby

one who waits for something good, never waits too long. ~swedish proverb