Saturday, May 23, 2009

summer dresses

i mentioned to a friend that i'm feeling quite content these days. i said that i don't know if it is because i am in a routine, lost in a way in a routine, and am thinking that feels good because there is no real challenge. i then said that i don't know if it is because i really am content. and then to my surprise the words left my mouth... maybe i am pleased with my routine...

reading good books
a good film from time to time
working on my writing
dreaming/planning on traveling
feeling the fear and doing it anyway
thinking of people i love
daydreaming about pretty things... perfume, summer dresses, soft skin, a manicure, a pedicure...
thinking of you dear blog friend. have a sweet weekend.
oh, and i stopped doing 3 things that i didn't want to be doing anymore.

photo by artsy

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

je ne sais quoi...

what has happened? i woke up this morning feeling that i am right where i want to be. sure! i want to travel 'the world,' there are poems i'd like to write, including stories, tweak my career, see the faces of friends over dinner and wine...
i can always think of a million places i would like to go and be. but this morning, in the moment, i was content. a gift, no?
hope you are well and this week is good to you, dear you!

Friday, May 8, 2009

bon dreamy weekend!

have a dreamy weekend you beauties!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sweet nothings (ok somethings!)

'so i've a face for radio?'
dear Belette wrote a wonderful post today which includes the idea of how we can be crap at accepting the good in our lives. i know i can be like that. just this past weekend while out with friends, though i was having a really nice time, we had wine and everything:), i still carried a bit of sadness in my heart. i thought to myself, 'girl let it go,' let the sadness go and enjoy this special time with friends i love. why is it that we can not be as open to the good things in our lives? i hope to change, i really do.

in life people have always told me that i have a beautiful voice. i never pay it any attention. i think 'what do they know.' another friend said to me... 'so when people compliment you, you think they are lying?' i was speechless, dumbfounded is more like it.

so this past week, 2 different people, on 2 separate occasions said to me that i have a beautiful voice (not for singing, for speaking. i've also been told that i couldn't carry a note if they put it in a paper bag.)

on the second occasion of my being told that i've a nice voice, this beautiful young man mentioned that i would be great at telling stories on the radio, 'you know, like on npr.' i laughed a little and said... 'are you saying i've got a face for radio?' all jokes aside, i did open a bit to allow this sweet compliment in. i hope to allow more sweet things in as well.

thanks belle Belette for the idea;)