Wednesday, August 25, 2010

an artist's thought

i like to fancy myself as a writer, i/we (all who visit this space) enjoy words and ideas, and i think it's safe to add pretty things. the writer is in constant pursuit of trying to capture that which seems ethereal. the stuff which slips through our fingers and escapes our specific memory (what was i thinking again?). we try to bring feather light ideas down to earth, in a word, story or poem... it's fantastical work...
i'm choosing my new painting class, my second one. and i surprised myself when i asked an advisor while choosing between two classes that interest me... i said i am trying to choose between the one that my head says to take and the one my heart wants... funny right, we get this dilemma in life, that which our head says and that which our heart wants...
so far i'm leaning towards the one with my heart... the one full of colours and vibrancy...

...above painting by sophie coryndon, 'where metaphor and allusion reveals the mythic potential in everyday objects...'

Monday, August 16, 2010


i still love the smell of paper and the feel of a pencil. ~ anna dello russo, editor at large vogue nippo

Saturday, August 14, 2010

cindy lou who

for the past 2 months construction has been going on right across the street from me... those construction guys, bless their hearts, have been waking me up every morning with their drilling and whatever else they do. it drives me nuts, really. i tell myself to breath...
this morning... nothing. the construction is done. i surprised myself by waking up on my own... it was a strange feeling. for some reason i felt like cindy lou who... i guess as i've been awakened by strange noises for so long. funny how the mind works...

Friday, August 13, 2010

paint on canvas

i'll try and explain... this summer i took my very first art class ever. i never went to kindergarden so my art career has been delayed for some time now... i didn't even sign up for the class this summer. a friend dragged me along and it has opened me up in some of the sweetest ways. imagine me there afraid to mix colours and put paint brush to canvas. i might mess it up... fail. part of the plan, i'm told. beginners can't be perfect. genuises aren't even perfect. there in the art studio, at some point i had to but the paint on the canvass. ...learning to try and make mistakes and how those mistakes can be fixed and lead to even more glorious places than had i not tried at all.

no one told me it spills over into life. i could see me learning to but the basics into place over the years... food, warmth and creature comforts. i wanted more, i felt greedy. learning that there are various levels of well being... when basic levels are met we are open to moving on to the stuff that satisfies our heart and our being... not greed, living a well balanced and inspired life.

i find something linear, moving up the ladder is fantastic!! and i have too, glimpses of a kind of blend... a harmonious existence... all the colours/ways of being present in harmony... it takes time...

put the paint on the canvas. mess it up. and see what we get...

the pleasure of missing

the pleasure of missing. i am missing something... and instead of it being a painful longing, it is a kind of silent bliss-filled anticipation. not quite sure what it is. the expectation lends a kind of pleasure, a wonder... and i am open and waiting... excited about what it may be.

where is august going so soon and so quickly? the days are streaming by like the lyrics of a sweet song. i want to slow them down, a gentle pause for the sake of the flowers and green leave-filled fluffy trees, the warmth of the sea... and for me too... to indulge in the warmth of summer.

all things must change... summer begins to give way to autumn. but not just yet. there's still time to enjoy... and simply perhaps autumn can't get here quick enough for those who suffer in the summer heat. your time is coming... for sure and in confidence.

are you well? i sincerely hope so. missed u!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

just a bit of a 'gap spring/summer?'

hello dear You... i'm having a bit of time off from blogging. i find words escape me these days... i'll have a bit of a break, but i'll be back as i do love it; sharing stories and visiting you.

in the meantime, do have a sweet spring... and maybe summer. i won't be too far, as i look forward to continuing to visit you!! and you all have my email, so if need be, or it fancies you please send me a message.

you know what? i appreciate and love, dare i say, every one of your comments that you leave for me. merci beaucoup mon amies!!

until soon loves!!


Monday, May 3, 2010

where we are

funny how it works sometimes... i had the sensation of being in a country house last night. i hang a line across the kitchen to let the delicate clothes dry instead of putting them in the dryer when i do laundry. yesterday with the heat, which made it seem more like july than may, i went to sleep bracing myself for the nightime heat.

at 4 in the morning i was awakened by thunder showers, lots of rain came tumbling down in the early morning silence... indeed breaking the heat. the clothes on the line in the kitchen were swaying in the breeze, and the smell of rain filled the house. thought i was in the country house for a minute, all the pretty colours from springtime; light fabrics, a gentle breeze, silence and the sound of rain... funny how a moment of holiday and rest finds us where we are...