Friday, April 23, 2010

big bunches of springtime

weekend is here lovelies... enjoy!
thanks a big bunch for your sweet thoughts of me. i'm getting better, going to have lunch near central park and get out and enjoy the springtime sunshine. as the Spanish say... poco a poco... little by little.

on this time it's a real springtime... not too hot and not too cool, lots of sunshine and big blue skies...

sweet dear hugs to you!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


thanks so much for your well wishes. i thought i'd be down just another day or so, but was in bed the entire weekend... with some good films, of course:)

up today... and i've got an agenda...

tea now
visit me blog pals
have a walk outdoors
...fresh air is calling, plus a little leisurely walk to get my strength back...

i feel a sense of excitement, creeping back to the brightness of feeling better, and taking it easy... slow and easy.

then some reading and writing... get back to stuff i love.

coming over to see how you are.
and thank you! again for your sweet thoughts!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

one of those days

been knocked down a few days with a flu-like cold. been in bed with my hair all messed up falling in and out of sleep, drinking juice, and sipping soup. the sound of t.v. is disturbing, so i put on some melodic tunes.

i'm getting better. out of bed today, having some tea. and i just had an interesting thought; it's a perfect moment for an audrey hepburn film... gentle and sweet. i retreat back to bed with me cup of tea to relax and not overdo it. seems i'm on my way back to feeling better...

won't send kisses, don't want to share me cold... good thoughts, that's it, hope you're well!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

upon return

when i re-enter, alone, the city's crush
and its chaos of noise
and the fury of traffic surrounds me,
may i, above that hammering confusion,
remember sky and mountain slopes
where the herds are still descending homeward.

may my courage be like those rocks
and the shepherd's day long work seem possible to me
the way he drifts and darkens, and with a well aimed stone
hems in his flock where it unravels.
with slow and steady strides, his posture is pensive
and, as he stands there, noble. even now a god might
secretly slip into his form and not be diminished.

in turn, he lingers and moves on like the day itself,
and cloud shadows pass through him, as though all of space
were thinking slow thoughts of him.

spanish trilogy (iii)
rainer maria rilke

Monday, April 12, 2010

lively up yourself

art work of tim burton at the moma (spooky?)

there is a bob marley song where he sings... lively up yourself...

this song came to mind as i was thinking of something this morning that gives me great pleasure. in it's own way i was thinking that it inspires me and livelies me up. it brings me to life and what a sweet gift to have something like this in our lives. many of us are quite privileged as we have a number of sweetnesses that livelies us up. our babies, our sweeties, a pleasureable read, a delicious cup of coco... or coffee or tea...

i thought too, this special thing that gives me life, inspires me, as i feel refreshed, i wish to save, savor and use this energy in a beneficial way.

and too, springtime never ceases to amaze me. as the sky is big and blue, and the trees and flowers are blossoming, i get to thinking how does that happen so quietly and suddenly. winter seems forever, as sweet and cool as it can be. and springtime for me always seems extremely far way. and quite often i feel convinced that spring will not return again. how can it when all is grey and cold and quiet?

and then it happens, the sun gets bigger, the air is clear and warm, and the blossoms seem to dance lightly in the light warm air. it happens quietly and unassuming~ly. and now i remember as well while writing, those days those weeks, when it was a kind of dance, a kind of tug of war, as winter loosens her grip and springtime quitely slips in. and here she is on this side, today. it's still not so certain. but what is certain is that the springtime weather will return, i see it now and it's quite sweet.

good monday to you dear reader. have a sweet week. i hope to catch the tim burton exhibit at the modern museum really soon, as the end of the exhibit is nearing... it'll be spooky in the most fun way...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

funny how things work. i couldn't sleep so i got out of bed. the sun was coming up and i had a look out the window. i saw some young folks walking the empty streets while the sun's coming up. i thought how cool, their up so early, maybe they're going to sunrise service at church. and then it dawned on me... i think it's more that they were coming in from dancing, hanging out all night from the night before. i remember that... dancing all night and walking home as the sun was coming up. something lovely about that.

still a nice time to not be able to sleep while the sun is rising easter morning. i hope you are well and the way you celebrate... maybe by going to church, time with friends and family, special dinners, relaxing at home in your fluffy slippers, out on the town enjoying the beautiful spring weather, do be yourself and enjoy!!

happy easter kisses loves!!