Tuesday, January 6, 2009

moon dreams

anyone who lives in or has visited nyc can tell you the crowds and doings in the city get pretty busy. sometimes... while moving through the crowds i get stopped in my tracks. this evening while methodically moving through all the people i could here the tender conversation of a father and son behind me. the little one looked to be about 3 years old. and you could tell of course the father was trying to allow him some independence in the midst of the crowd, while at the same time protect and guide him. well during their conversation the little boy simply said... 'i wish i could have the moon as a pet. i would take good care of it.'

well... in this moment i am a child again, with all the wonder and fantasy that is real.

image de jmzawodny


willow said...

That was too sweet. I miss those precious gems my children used to say.

Thanks for dropping in for tea at the Manor, on your way home from Lala's!

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Happy New Year!

I love these delightful gems kids come out with - I used to write them down when the girls were tiny toons so as not to forget but then I got totally inundated with work, studying, home and social life etc and sadly, one forgets so much with age...ahhh!

You have won my Birthday giveaway (out of around 30 participants) - the draw was held at lunchtime, before, I might add, I noticed the adorable comment + joke you'd left me..!

I'll need to know where to send you your gift so if you send me an address via my mailbox:
A bientôt..:)

Julianne said...

That was a lovely story. See what one can enjoy when one lives in the moment. These little joys are what make up the best life. I still haven't experienced NYC, but will one day. Maybe you can give me advice! Your posts are always so petite, but so insightful.

La Belette Rouge said...

Really? That happened? It sounds like a dream. Such a beautiful image.

Mary-Laure said...

Have the moon as a pet? Oh the imagination and freedom of children's minds never cease to enchant me.
You should share the story with the NYTimes for their weekly NYC chronicles.

Susu said...

What a magical picture! I love big cities in the evenings. When the dust has settled a little from the daytime huff and puff, the is a unique passing momentum of calmness.

My Castle in Spain said...

the moon as a pet...! this kid is incredibly imaginative...love it !

Hope all is well in your world, dear.
warm wishes from Spain