Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sweet nothings (ok somethings!)

'so i've a face for radio?'
dear Belette wrote a wonderful post today which includes the idea of how we can be crap at accepting the good in our lives. i know i can be like that. just this past weekend while out with friends, though i was having a really nice time, we had wine and everything:), i still carried a bit of sadness in my heart. i thought to myself, 'girl let it go,' let the sadness go and enjoy this special time with friends i love. why is it that we can not be as open to the good things in our lives? i hope to change, i really do.

in life people have always told me that i have a beautiful voice. i never pay it any attention. i think 'what do they know.' another friend said to me... 'so when people compliment you, you think they are lying?' i was speechless, dumbfounded is more like it.

so this past week, 2 different people, on 2 separate occasions said to me that i have a beautiful voice (not for singing, for speaking. i've also been told that i couldn't carry a note if they put it in a paper bag.)

on the second occasion of my being told that i've a nice voice, this beautiful young man mentioned that i would be great at telling stories on the radio, 'you know, like on npr.' i laughed a little and said... 'are you saying i've got a face for radio?' all jokes aside, i did open a bit to allow this sweet compliment in. i hope to allow more sweet things in as well.

thanks belle Belette for the idea;)


parlezvouskiwi said...

I find it hard to accept compliments too but if there is a common theme abou your beautiful voice, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THEM :-)

La Belette Rouge said...

HUGS to lovely you. I am so glad my post today was meaningful to you. I really am inspired to notice the good.Even more than I was when I was doing it alone.

Thank you for the very kind shout out.

p.s. We have something else in common. My voice often gets complimented. People have told me I should get into doing voice overs. And, I too can't carry a tune in a basket.

Hans Martin Landgreen said...

a comment all the way from copenhagen.. you do have a great voice

l'air du temps said...

bon jour parlezvouskiwi, i appreciate your comment, it makes sense doesn't it to believe and accept these compliments.

belle Belette, indeed your post was inspiring, your posts are always insightful and honest. i love that about your blog. I am always encouraged to think about something meaningful.

You too have a lovely voice, don't you wish sometimes we could hear one another's voices in our communication on the blogs. but i guess that is a whole other invention:) have a great weekend. (hello to Lily;)

Hans, what a nice surprise to find your kind words here... by way of Copenhagen. gracias y abrazos!

Lavinia said...

How intriguing to hear about your beautiful voice, you might post some audio file so we can hear it. I would like that. As for the compliments, sometimes we are so wrapped up in our thoughts and then a compliment comes out of the blue, so unexpected, wow, it can take a moment to absorb it and adjust, especially if its something you don't give thought to.