Saturday, October 17, 2009

persia calling

do you know people with money? i 'know' a few. there was a documentary made some years ago by one of the heirs of the johnson and johnson family about people with money. as of yet i have yet to see it. need to get on it. the part that interests me is that i believe there is this culture within people with money, that is that you don't talk about your money. so i've run into some people, and some of them became my friend, with money. and it always surprises me that some people really do have all that money.

i had a boyfriend one time, and as it has been some time now, i'm not sure how it came out that he comes from a family with a lot of money. he never said anything about it, and he certainly did not live a kind of lifestyle that would tell on him. he lived a very bohemian 'literary' kind of life. i liked him, loved him, and admired him. he taught english in public schools in louisiana. as he was from minnesota, i once asked him how did he get to louisiana. he said after graduating university he looked on the map of the states and chose the place furthest away from minnesota.

back to money. money for the most part does not interest me, but as you can guess i am always attracted to a good story which is the point of this writing. but somehow little by little i would see hints of the idea that he comes from money. so with time and confidence in mutual friends i asked a long time friend of his late one night while we were all hanging out in a bar having drinks and listening to live music. liquid courage i guess... 'does k. come from money?' she responds 'oh yes.' i ask 'what kind of money?' she said to me 'you know greenwich conneticut money?' 'yes,' i say. she says to me 'they have more.' my heart sunk, 'really?'

with time as we talked about it, he and i, he shared with me that basically he wants to 'make it on his own.' not depend on the money of his family, even though his family are some of the sweetest people i have ever met. i can respect that.

i started thinking about this for 2 reasons. one is i have a good friend who has a friend that comes from serious serious money. i was surprised to find this out, as he leads too a serious bohemian existence. simple flat full of his art and computer projects, and wears pretty much the same clothes all the time. i thought of him... and this is the point of this story... because for some reason today i was thinking that i would love to spend a few days in a place deep and rich in an unknown to me culture. i was thinking like marrakesh, or turkey, a place in india, or casablanca (only because of the film:). i would love to feast my eyes upon delicious deep and rich colours. have you seen the reds and the blues from those countries? truly touching in their richness. i would love to feast too upon the rich flavors of their cuisine. i'm not a big meat eater, but for this time a lamb cooked to tenderness in a kind of cream sauce with almonds attracts me. the spices, the incense and scents in general of the atmosphere intrigue me. and dare we even talk about the teas and coffees that come from these places. i've never been... but for some reason, today, it seems like it would be a wonderful travel to experience and see and learn...

and the friend of a friend that i mentioned comes from one of these places. and when i think of him i have to smile and think... i can't believe he has all that money. people with that kind of money keep it quiet. just an interesting thing i find.


Angie Muresan said...

Hey Audrey,
Hmm... Lots to think about. I know people with money, but not people with lots and lots of money. I think when one grows up in such a family one loses one's sense of self by relying too much on the family's fortune and name. That's why it isn't shown, and that's why there's such a need on this individual's part to make a name for himself without the family's wealth attached.
And oh, I love Marrakesh!

l'air du temps said...

hey Angie... interesting. you have definitely shed some light on this mystery for me. indeed intriguing. what you pointed out makes perfect sense... never thought of if. the mystery and story continues for me...

would you ever consider doing a post on your time in Marrakesh? or maybe drop a few lines here and tell me of your time there. i'm not imagining it's perfect. i imagine it's complicated. for some reason it intrigues me...

hope you're feeling better. and hope you have a great week.


Angie Muresan said...

Marrakesh is like an entire different world. Hubby and I went there one summer when we were vacationing in the south of Spain, just for 3 days. We visited the markets and filled an entire suitcase with spices and textiles. People were friendly and helpful, and the food was delicious. The call to prayer every morning was haunting and beautiful, and it certainly woke us up.