Thursday, October 22, 2009

on space and beauty

yesterday the guggenheim museum in nyc celebrated it's 50th anniversary, and as a treat the museum was open to any and all who wish to visit and indulge free of charge. i had plans to meet p. for lunch which was, as always, rich with good conversation and opinions and ideas. we started with a nice good cup of steamy tea, (coffee for p.) in a newly discovered ice cream shop that has floor to ceiling windows that look out onto lexington ave. we sat there as the sun streamed in catching up... lunch followed and then a walk in central park. the leaves in all their plenty of colours of reds and oranges abundantly cover the walkways; an autumn wonderland.

it really was sweet after such a lovely lunch to wander through the little paths of the park as i found my way to the guggenheim museum. there they have a wonderful exhibit of the painting of wassily kandinsky.

when i enter the guggenheim, each time i am mesmerized! i once heard an architect say in an interview that a building should touch the heart of the person entering it... this one does. it moves me each time i step in. and this time every floor is lined with the art of kandinsky. it was crowded as we all wanted to take advantage of this anniversary celebration and indulge ourselves in the creations of kandinsky. it was truly mesmerizing, circling this space and feasting our eyes upon the colours and shapes and ideas and emotions shared by the painter, all culminating in a particular piece of art.

it sparked a conversation again today with a friend about the influence and emotion that a space inspires and how that contributes to what we do and feel in that space. out of that conversation came to me the understanding that although i don't have an art studio or writing room, it is necessary and important for me to be present to the space and spaces that i do inhabit and use them to my advantage since creating stories and ideas are somethings that i enjoy immensely. i think this is important, where we find ourselves, where we are, to enjoy that space and indulge in that space in ways to enrich our lives and usher in loveliness and well being.

when i ponder the creations of kandinsky as well as the creation of the guggenheim museum i can't help but think that both the painter and the architect of these beauties had a love for persons who would feast their eyes upon a painting or step into this building and be touched in a most beautiful way. this, i feel, is quite generous, thoughtful and loving.


Angie Muresan said...

Lucky me!! Two lovely posts to read! Fifty years old, hmm, and still as fresh and beautiful as ever. Glad to hear you had a beautiful time.

Susu Paris Chic said...

It comes as a no surprise to you that I would have just loved to be there... Your day sounds just heavenly. Seems like you really appreciated what you felt, lived, saw and smelled. That is the most precious!

Keep these 'pearls of gold' tightly in your mind, and munch on them when the time is tough. You'll know when, and then you'll think about this... and you'll smile!

Have a lovely cinnamon scented weekend dear Audrey!

nurii said...

Qué suerte tienes de vivir en N.Y. Ese museo es precioso. Y Central Park... Qué envidia me das ;-) Y sí es importante encontrarse y sentir tu lugar. No importa que no tengas un despacho o "writing room". Lo importante es que donde estás lo sientas como tuyo. Como tu lugar. Incluso aunque fuese pasajero, por un tiempo es tuyo, es para tí.


Angie Muresan said...

Thinking of you, dear Audrey, and missing your writing. Hope everything is well.

l'air du temps said...

Hey Angie, thanks so much for thinking of me and missing my writing. i really appreciate it. i've mentioned your comments encourage me... and i'm believing what you say:) hope you're having a great day!

Susu, you know i thought of you, they had a special room for his drawings and water colours on paper. You and your artwork came to mind... Yup i can totally see how you would love it!

Nuri, I hope you know that it is you who has helped me to appreciate and enjoy being in nyc again. you remind me of the wonders of this city.

about the writing space, your words remind me to claim, enjoy and write until my heart is content wherever i am... this is incredibly important.

Un beso fuertisimo a ti y Uli...

nurii said...

Me alegra infinidad que contribuyera en algo a tu reconciliación con la ciudad. Ambos lo merecíais.