Tuesday, September 11, 2007

touch her

bienvenue a l'air de temps...

l'air de temps simply means 'air of time.' ...exactly... as if any of us know the meaning of things and what we are doing here. but we try...

one night some time ago, after a long winter's day of work, curling up warm and cozy for sleep, thought i'd read a bit of poetry before dozing off. i stumbled upon this poem and i remember thinking 'what a lovely poem.'

une embrasse pour tous.

…if i could just
run my fingers through her wondrous imagination
hush her fears with the healing balm of my security
gently glide my care down the seams of her constitution
then leap into the skies of her continence
flapping my wings to blow away
storm clouds
hurtful secrets
and people who brought despair

if i could
stroke her with my breath made sweet by licorice
wild violets and a thirst for adjoinment

breeze across her cheek when i whisper
above the intonation of crowded rooms
the resonance of crowded memories
ancient tribal rhythms
coded conversation and my need
to identify just how to attach warmth
to her chill bumps
melting everyone with a certain stare

console her with these whispering wind songs
seeping through the open windows of her essence
searching and finding her reclining spirit
to sweetly invigorate
with the sustenance that swims beneath my skin
the only place where fire and water mix without steam
where wind and earth mix with water and fire
to create tornado passions
the colors purple and blue
autumn breezes
and angels with brown hair eye and skin

if i could converse intimately with her purpose for living
coincide with her prayers for strength and kindness
deep french-kiss her hopes for eternity
suckle her need to be understood
have intercourse with her faith and focus…

if i could just touch her

excerpt from 'touch her' by anthony c. lyons

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