Tuesday, September 18, 2007

on reading...

what do you do when you are reading a book that isn’t very interesting? do you continue and finish it? or do you stop where you are and begin with a new story, which hopefully will be more interesting and enjoyable?

at the moment i'm reading ‘I Capture the Castle.’ i passed by it one day in the young persons section in the book store. it's a story of a young lady (17 years old) writing about her experiences living with her family in a castle. her father is a published writer, and it seems that she hopes to be a writer as well. the words on the page are lovely, and she paints vivid pictures with her stories. it’s very well written, but in a way i don’t find it all so interesting, the story that is. sometimes it could be timing; maybe it's just not my moment for this story. or maybe it's a book for the teenage world. i’m not quite sure what the reason is.

but isn’t it curious how we can have a feeling or a sense of something and not understand why? i think very often we do want to understand, and we don't want to let go until we do. is there a time to listen to the heart, even when the mind has not yet understood?

i must admit, i think that i may let go of the story i'm reading at the moment. who knows, maybe i'll find it more interesting at another time. there are other stories i'm eager to get to, that i hope will be more interesting. i feel like i'm being irresponsible, not finishing what i've started. maybe this whole thought process is ridiculous, just get on with it.

it reminds me of a time (and it wasn’t the first time) that i walked out of the cinema in the middle of a bad film. i just couldn’t take it any more. i’ve learned that some people find it difficult to just leave, especially after having paid and all. i just was suffering through this bad film, and i can easily think of more beneficial ways to spend my time. the price of the film ticket was not worth wasting anymore of it. but i think it depends on the person… we all have our things.

so in the days to come i think i'll spend time reading Pride and Prejudice. i’ve not read most classics, and i'm eager to begin. it’s funny, there was a time when we were asked if we have seen a certain movie, with pride people would say ‘no. but i have read the book.’ now, the joke is when someone has asked if we have read a book deemed important in whatever circles, including society in general, people say ‘no, but i’ve seen the movie.’ …that said, i begin today reading Pride and Prejudice. at least i’ve seen the movie...

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