Friday, October 5, 2007


i’m thinking about the time when, as a girl of eleven or twelve, mom talked to me about some changes that will occur as i begin my entree into ladyhood. i thought i was ready, mom had told me about it, so i considered myself ‘prepped,’ prepared for the change so to speak. maybe i was, from a thinking point of view, but from an emotional point of view, maybe i wasn’t.

growing pains! i should i have known then that change can sometimes mean that it hurts? 'peut-être,' however, change may consist of various elements, some joyful, fun, interesting and exciting, as well as painful. sometimes all of these elements rolled into one at the very same time. complex may be the word…

keep growing quietly and seriously throughout your whole development~rainer maria rilke.

with autumn upon us, in various ways change is upon us with modifications as simple as ‘what will i wear this morning?’ the mornings and evenings now tend to be cool, but here in new york the afternoons are like summer days. we’re lucky this october.

in autumn we shift from outdoor and outgoing activities to perhaps more indoor, introspective doings. this change in season may inspire the making of plans for the winter months, the coming
holidays, the coming year, and the coming years. who knows?

just as nature has its phases and seasons, so too our days, our lives. the natural world teaches us the power of transition. as seasons shift so does the quality and beauty of our existence.

an opportunity. as our moments flow, not unlike a melody, allowing a rhythm, a harmony to move through our days. creating a symphony of our lives as we learn grace, and the importance of tempo. recognising that there is a feel to seasons and a flavor to every time in our lives.

the promise of the seasons. it’s all good! no change is without the possibility of benefit. no transition, however displeasing or strenuous, fails to bring the goods.

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