Wednesday, October 10, 2007

baby's breath

baby's breath

this moment tender∙delicate, now
i remember
…where we are going.

(still) show me in your own way,
take your time,
quiet∙like, away from places
and people...
this one’s mine.

start inside∙inside soft soil
shy, away from unkind frost
for i’m partial to sun,
easy to grow, quick to blossom,
a profussse flowering, watch me.

gentle like∙whispered worries,
(sweet) comme une rime écrire doucement,
mentioned upon memory like
a baby’s breath.

bless me, please, bashfully
if you must, only
show me the space
where the brave go,
trembling towards transition
coo coo boom!

noise is silenced∙fear transformed,
and jealousy and envy
kneel down beside instinct.
breathe. again, a
baby’s breath,
only a new born can.

© audrey paradis

1 comment:

Jorge said...

No consigo encontrar el nombre de esta planta en español. Su nombre latino científico es "Gypsophila paniculata". Debe de ser parecida a alguna "hierba jabonera", pero lo confieso, no tengo ni idea...