Friday, March 14, 2008

'irish i were drunk'

this weekend will be the celebration of st. patrick's day, with a parade on monday. i been told that there is no parade like it in the world. i'm tempted to believe it. a good friend of mine here from the states married an irish man. i believe he is from outside of cork. they live here now in new york with 5 children. i thought who has 5 children anymore. they do, and really they are gorgeous children. the beauty gods have been kind to them.
well, i find this funny. my friend called me up one day a bit upset. she had already handled the 'situation' but she just needed to let off some steam. one st. patrick's day weekend her husband asked her if she could drive into the city saturday night. it would be late and he wondered if she could come and pick him up.
now mind you, she would be at home with the 5 kids, not as free to hang out and party for the st. pat's weekend, and he would be out drunk with his friends...
she said to me 'he's the one out partying, why do i have to drive into the city at 3 in the morning to pick him up?' she told him 'take the subway!' (subway not metro, and runs 24 hours here in new york). my friend's husband, kevin, looked at her in all seriousness as said 'i am going to be soooo drunk, i won't even be able to make it to the subway.'
love that story, needless to say my friend did not think it was funny.

hope u have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

but... what the teaching of the story?

l'air de temps said...

hey anonymous, i just found it funny that my friend's husband was actually making plans for getting drunk, and then he wanted to plan how he was going to get home. can't blame a guy for wanting to have fun with his buddies.

hopefully it is just a funny story... not deep enough for any life lessons... but who knows...

Le Tigre said...

I think planning to get drunk is very immature..if you accidently get drunk well, ok. But going "i'm going to get so bloody pissed/sloshed tonight", well that's not a good thing, lol.

l'air de temps said...

hi le tigre, i think that is why my friend needed to call and talk as well as blow off steam.

i just told her that the whole thing was crazy and i can understand her being upset.

i found it hilarious that he tried to get away with his plan, so bold of him to try such a silly thing.

i think she just needed to check in and be sure that she was not being unreasonable. us girls can second guess ourselves in the silliest ways... but we are learning.