Monday, March 31, 2008

familiar strangers

there's a tiny little 'cafe' that i visit that serves indian food. it's a cute little spot with delicious food. it has an incredibly informal and fun atmosphere. folks on the go stop in for a friendly, tasty quick bite and are off in no time. the 'chai tea' is delicious (knowing that 'chai' is the word for tea, but somehow that's what it's called), so it's sweet to take a moment to sip a warm cup of chai and just be... alone or with friends.

yesterday i spoke a bit with y. who was granted asylum here in the states as he is from tibet. we spoke about his children, the time he spent in india, as well as some of his experiences here in the states. it didn't just happen like that. our little friendship has been brewing for quite a while. over time, when i stop in for a nice warm meal we trade smiles, and then hellos, and then 'how are you's,' and when i don't come for a while 'where you been and how have you been...' yesterday as we got to talking about new york culture, the high price of rents, and his wife and children who are coming soon from india... it dawned on me that these are the makings of relationships, how a person or persons go from being strangers to sharing our thoughts and experiences. it's a nice flowering to our days and our lives...


nurii said...

Misterios de la vida... Tú sabes bien aquello de juntarse en torno a una mesa desconocida, con una desconocida y, misterio, acabar el día como amigas de la infancia. Y yo también lo sé bien... Cosas raras... pero muy, muy sanas.


My Castle in Spain said...

I love the title of your post "familiar strangers" and your thought of today...
i'm always reassured when i feel a link between people, oherwise why should we be here ?


P said...

I think one of the wonderful things about New York is that it's such a mishmash of people who have come here from all sorts of situations. Moving to a real neighborhood in Brooklyn has been a revelation to me for this very reason - the opportunity to talk to local shopkeepers, get to know about their lives, and connect with them in a way that makes each interaction less of a transaction.

This restaurant sounds great - where is it? What is it called? I love chai masala.

l'air de temps said...

hola guapa!
i remember when your brother saw us together he said we seem like friends that have known one another for a long time. sometimes it just works out that way, fast and wonderful. ...nice to meet you.

bon jour & hola Lala,
it's true isn't it... it is a connection with someone or someones that makes it all that much sweeter. i once had a 'successful' business man as a student of english. he said that as he has aged he knows for sure that it is the love of family and friends that make life mean something.

hey p! brooklyn does have a special vibe doesn't it. i love the neighborhood feel of it. i grew up in brooklyn so it has a special place in my heart.

the name of the restaurant/cafe is 'hampton chutney.' you can check it out here @ there's one in soho and one on the upper west side. it's a really casual space with delicious food.