Friday, March 21, 2008

hope your holiday time is eggselent!

as an easter surprise, a particular russian tsar surprised his wife maria with a decorated egg made by faberge. eggs are symbols of renewed life and hope. the outside of the eggs are made of gold enamel while the insides open up to reveal a series of surprises. she loved this gift so, a different one was commissioned especially for her for years to come, each extravagant in it's own way, revealing new surprises each easter and spring.
have a beautiful weekend!


Le Tigre said...

Those Russian eggs were crazy! Beautiful and lovely but very extravagent!

Susu said...

Hi there! Have a good Easter! Here in Paris the weather is super duper rainy - eew! But my honey bunny and I are still going to go out tonight;)

l'air de temps said...

hey le tigre and susu. i think it was easter morning, things were slow and quiet in the nice way holidays can be, having my morning tea i had a look here and saw messages from you two. i thought what a sweet way to start the day. thank you.

so good that you have enjoyed your holiday time as well.

guess we're back to our previous rhythms... but with more sunshine these days i hope.