Tuesday, August 5, 2008

looking good

still in the midst of the works. it's looking good. thanks for all your well wishes and words of inspiration. ... hope you are doing gooood.

i long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever i find myself. ~maya angelou


Susu said...

Hi Audrey!

Feeling at home wherever you are is a great challenge, and yet if you learn to do it, even just a tiny little bit, it is a great advantage. To me feeling at home signifies internal peace. Internal peace then means feeling happy, serene and contented, and thus being able to enjoy life and people around you, instead of longing for someone or somewhere great part of your time.

Can't wait to hear how your place turns out. Interesting times that you're living... small changes, yet very important becaue you spend you daily life in these surroundings and they can greatly mould your thoughts and ideas. Would you might feel comfortable posting a picture...?
Take care my friend:)

My Castle in Spain said...

Dear Audrey,
Glad to hear the place is looking good and will be more like a real home to you. This is indeed so important.

I wish you a great day hoping it's not too hot in New York. Here as you know, it's boiling hot and...i have to think about Xmas cards !


P said...

Very exciting - congratulations. Post pictures of your progress!

Lavinia said...

Lovely illustration!