Friday, October 3, 2008

london calling

i'll tell you a little secret. sometimes when i wake up in the morning i play a little game with myself. i ask myself if i were waking up in another city which would it be? this morning it was london. i wonder if it had anything to do with the overcast skies, and chill in the air... i thought i would love to tumble out of bed, find my way to a cafe with a little lovely book and have my morning tea...

in the spirit of my english cravings today i pulled up the guardian newspaper online and clicked onto the culture section. see, if i were in london i would have a better idea why this film, a remake of brideshead revisited, is being reviewed just now.

i am embarrased to admit that prior to some months ago i knew nothing of the previous films nor the much loved and celebrated novel by evelyn waugh. thing is, i saw this current remake of the film some months ago here in new york. it can't be that it is just being released in london now, could it be? i just assumed it was an english film. hmmm...

anywho, i thought, though visually the film is stunning with gorgeous actors, the film itself was a bit empty and boring. the writer in the guardian today wrote/asks...

why revisit it?
it's fundamentally uninspired.
it offers no compelling reasons for a screen revival.
the film fails to make us care about the people.

ouch! sad but my sentiments exactly. i understand that there is another film version of the novel that is quite excellent which i will seek out. and of course before? or after? i must now read the novel.

and my question for you today dear one is... whatcha readin'?

have a most wonderful cosy weekend.
these words are written while the soundtrack of the film love actually plays... in the spirit of all things english this day...

another question... is there a place you dream of de temps en temps? the dalai lama shares that we should live in the present moment, it helps to alleviate suffering and longing. i'm sure he's right... but dreaming can be so tempting at times.

bon week-end!


La Belette Rouge said...

Like you, I love dreaming. Are you a Pisces?;-) Anyways, your a.m. question makes me think of a question a therapist friend asked her clients."if you woke up and your life is exactly how you would want it to be how would you know?" I love that question.

I love your question, too. Today I would have have liked to wake up in Chicago. I would want that crisp fall feeling and to see leaves falling and to smell fireplaces burning. That would be lovely.

I am going to ask that question tomorrow and see what answer comes.

Hope you have a weekend that makes you happy to be where you are.

Lavinia said...

Wow, what a though provoking post. First of all the old movie version of Brideshead is actually a very long miniseries, with 9 or 10 episodes. Maybe more. I saw it years ago, it comes on tv from time to time. Starring Jeremy Irons. I think this was his "breakthrough" role.

I like your little waking up game. Now to answer your question.....hmmmmm, yes, I do often wonder myself in other know when I go down to the waterfront I imagine myself sailing away on a big cargo freighter, for far-off ports unknown.....

The seafaring life........can you tell from all my posts on the sea? ha ha ha...

l'air du temps said...

la belette i like as much your question about my most ideal life and how would i know. i'm going to enjoy thinking about that:)

i was in chicago once for a few days. i like it a lot. i can imagine quite well a crisp fall evening by the fireplace. niiiccce!

Lavinia thanks for the information about the 'brideshead revisited' series. i had been reading about this but i was not sure if it was a movie or a television series. i get it now.

...and you dream of heading out to sea by big cargo ship. i have noticed from many of your past posts. i find it fascinating because you introduce me to a world that i know nothing about by your stories. adventures on the sea sound so romantic and gorgeous amidst the big open sea...

Susu said...

I'll try the wake up thought. Sounds enticing. The places I've longed to be in the past are... the Central Park in New York, a cozy Greek island and the calm meadows of South Carolina. When I lived in Florida, it wasn't too bad either. Maybe especially seen from where I was born;)

I like cities. The key is to find you place in them. To create your small comforting circle. To surround yourself with friendly and good-willing people.

I enjoy spreading good around me. Inspiring and getting inspired. Living and learning along with others. Everyone has a story to tell. And your petites histoires are just so sweet and thought-provoking. Merci mademoiselle Audrey!

l'air du temps said...

Dear Madame Susu, this sunday in nyc the skies are a bit overcast lending to a calm and slightly melancholic day... finding such kind words from you now brings loveliness!

as you've mentioned surrounding yourself with good company in large spaces indeed is comforting. last night i had a delicious dinner and nice wine in a cozy softly lit restaurant. the big busyness of the city seemed so distant. perhaps a fine example of your idea of encircling ourselves with good and inspiring persons... merci à vous!

thanks for sharing your dream cities... intriguing!