Wednesday, October 22, 2008

two moods at once...

yesterday all day i did not feel well. i took the day off from work, but in a way that did not make any sense. some guys showed up at my door to replace the heating radiators that should have been replaced a few months ago. i thought since they are here, i'd better let them do their job.

so i ventured out and left them inside to do the work they needed to do. i'm not sure if not having heat these past days have contributed to my not feeling well. so i was kind of left out in the big bad world on my own feeling all achy and weak. i thought 'where can i go for the day so as to come in from the chilliness of the day?' i found my way to the metropolitan museum. even there it was a bit taxing to walk up all those stairs. and to tell the truth once inside it was painful to walk around, but i pushed myself. and during this time i noticed that even though i did not feel well, it was really nice to be in the midst of such beautiful art works. i studied quietly the drawings and sketches. when i'm feeling good i don't have the patience for such detail. i meditated on the painted scrolls of ancient japan. i studied porcelain from germany, lost myself in the vastness of american landscape paintings, i touched and browsed through books in the metropolitan museum's bookshop. and when i thought i could use a break i wandered over to the cafeteria for soup and hot cider. there i spent time talking with a lovely lady about our favorite travels. soon afterward i spent some time browsing european paintings. i looked at my watch, only 3pm. the guys won't be finished in the apartment until about 6pm. i'm so tired, though the artworks are so lovely. what a mix of emotion. i wandered down to the lobby of the met and had a seat on one of those big sturdy wooden benches. what will i do for another 2 or so hours. to my surprise i sat there drifting in an out of sleep as the vast crowds made their way about the museum's lobby. but the sweet surprise was the rest and peace i felt not only drifting in and out of sleep, but witnessing the doings of many persons. listening to tourists plan the rest of their day in new york, seeing lovers smooch, watching the interesting fashion of passers by. sending love to the young lady who processed my admission ticket at 11am and is still on the job now close to 4...

rising up from my comfortable fascinating front row seat and the interesting doings of folk, i wandered out of the museum across central park. it was chilly and beautiful as the fall leaves created a flowering in the air blowing all around me, the lakes and gorgeous browns and greens and reds and yellows that painted the scenery before me. when i reached home a few minutes before 6, thinking i did not have the strength to wander about much more, the work guys were gone. the new heaters were installed, and the heat was on and the place was nice and quiet and cosy and warm. i showered, put on my pjs and curled under my covers deeply grateful. on television's entertainment tonight where they often talk about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, in that moment i felt i was the richest of all...


Julianne said...

what an interesting sick day. I have never been to New York, but really want to go. I know I will love it. I liked your description of sitting on the bench. I can really get into doing just that.

Silently sitting and observing life going on all around me while almost being absent.

I look forward every night to my bath, nightie and bed.

Thanks for sharing your day, a really well written post. Hope you feel better!

Susu said...

How beautifully written Audrey! I almost feel like I shouldn't add anything else. Your writing is so pure lined and just exquisite in it's simplicity.

On another note, I hope that you're feeling better! Maybe the weekend will heal too. A get-well hug from me!

My Castle in Spain said...

How i loved to wander with you and be part of your reverie, sweet Audrey! Art museums are such a great place to be happy on one's own.

I also wanted to thank you for your lovely comment..Do you know, i'm just finishing 4 little pink cards for you..

Hope you'll feel better this week end, dear...take care and relax
(and..isn't it nice to have a well-heated nest ?)

l'air du temps said...

hi Julianne, thanks so much, i'm happy you liked this post. it was an interesting difficult sweet sick day.

i think you might enjoy visiting new york as well. it is an interesting city with lots of bookshops;)

Susu, you have done it again. thanks for popping in and sharing your pearl like sweet words. you do encourage me in the best way. merci madame!

Lala,so true as you've said, being on one's own in a museum is a wonderful experience, it was really nice.

yay! for the pink cards, i'm really looking forward to them. i love your creations. merci beaucoup!

Lavinia said...

Your post put a big smile on my face at the end. You really do have the deepest and most profound insights. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but I think your 'art therapy' did some good. And so nice to come home to a warm home! The soup and hot cider sound comforting too.