Monday, July 13, 2009

a baptism

when i think of rilke and rodin, van gogh, the one's who continue to inspire, and i want to write poetry and share stories. ... it's like there are all these lovely pieces floating in the air,
berry reds and strawberry pinks,
creme lavenders

and i'm not sure how to gather them all up in their sweetness.

and then i wonder perhaps this is not to be done...

what to do?
just stay and let myself be bathed, washed over in this newness,
in a kind of light fluid
stillness and pleased pleasure?


La Belette Rouge said...

You know what makes the gorgeousness of that photo for me? The varying weights, the different levels of opaqueness and transparency. The sparkle of the crystal and the darkness of the key.

I love that about Rilke and Van Gogh. Their work is multi-textured. They manage to make darkness beautiful and find the darkness in beauty.

If I tried to start with beauty I would never create. I find it easier to start with the grit, sh*t, and pain and then see where I can find the beauty. But, I am no Rilke or Van Gogh!

l'air du temps said...

Belette, your words are beautiful! and as you have said, there is something special, pretty, about the various degrees of light, darkness and shadow, clear, see through, and sparkle, dark, shadowy, opague...

your words are inspiring!