Monday, July 27, 2009

a secret life

...the secret life
begins early, is kept alive
by all that's unpopular
in you, all that you know
a Baptist, say, or some other
accountant would object to.
It becomes what you'd most protect
if the government said you can protect
one thing, all else is ours.
When you write late at night
it's like a small fire
in a clearing, it's what
radiates and what can hurt
if you get too close to it.
it's why your silence is a kind of truth.
Even when you speak to your best friend,
the one who'll never betray you,
you always leave out one thing;
a secret life is that important.
by stephen dunn


K. L. said...

Wonderful! Perfect words at the perfect time for me--one shouldn't fear the secret life of the imagination, one should embrace it, feed it! Caterinya

l'air du temps said...

Caterinya (pretty name) i'm so glad you like this poem. it's one of my favorites. ...and the perfect time for you... enjoy your secrets my dear.