Sunday, August 23, 2009

birthday girl

today is my birthday. i'm trying to get out of the house, but there is much that keeps me here. good music, beautiful beautiful birthday messages. and life really is quite gorgeous and funny, i've gotten really beautiful messages from people, friends, who had not even made the connection that it is my birthday. messages from friends 'just' keeping in touch and sending sweet thoughts. i feel good. and for some reason, i woke up with the sounds of janet jackson in my head. she has a song about moving around the world that i love, 'walking in the rain in spain, and springtime in paris sounds good to me.' these really are a part of the lyrics, you'd think i made them up. to my delight and surprise, there is a video for it. i love it. if you love travel, check this one out. it really is fun! if i had my way... hmmm, walking by the sea in barceloneta with Hans, dinner beneath the eiffel tower with Susu, wandering through the guggenheim in bilbao with Nuria and Ulises, and a generous tea and coffee meeting with belle Belette, as we both love travel, oh where shall that be... . 'i'm just saying!' have a wonderful day dear friends, dreaming of you, i walk with you in my heart and mind.

oh... here's the video...



Hans Martin Landgreen said...

Dear birthday girl, I wish you all the best
abrazos grande...

La Belette Rouge said...

Happy Birthday, gorgeous!!! I didn't realize it was your birthday you were celebrating!! Well, I hope your day, month, year and beyond are filled with dreams come true and happily ever afters. I wish for you all you wish for yourself and some secret desires of your heart that you don't even dare to dream.
Much love,
Your friend,

Susu said...

I hope your day was exquisite... full of lovely things and interesting encounters. Now onto another exiting new year... sweet blessings my dear!

nurii said...

Upps. Se me pasó tu cumple. Estaba demasiado metida en mis cosas. Por lo que dices tuviste un día fantástico. Me alegro. Al año que viene Ulises y yo te esperamos para celebrar tu cumpleaños por aquí, ¿vale? Y, claro... felicidades con retraso!! Que tengas buen comienzo de año (para mí también el año empieza siempre en septiembre, aunque creo que este lo hará, para variar, a finales de año :-)