Sunday, August 30, 2009

dinner and a show in london?

is it clear to you? i'm just wondering, for i don't have a clue as to why i am so fascinated with travel and being in and experiencing new places and spaces. i've such a curiousity and love for the arts. this morning i was reading an article about a kind of memoir that was published by a british actor about the love of his life. he'll be speaking at the national theatre in the uk. i thought how interesting, it's a talk i would like to attend, so what if i'm in nyc. i thought i'd click on their website and see what's up.

they have a production of shakespeare's 'all's well that ends well.' the price of the ticket is 10 pounds. nice price. i thought how cool it would be to attend.
even though i wasn't tempted, i had to remind myself that i'm not allowed to buy tickets. you see i had in mind to visit montreal in canada. it's a beautiful city, and they have the whole french thing going on 'canadian style.' so i've been wanting to go. i stumbled upon a small cool band that will be playing there. more nice prices for tickets to the show. i bought a ticket and thought i'll just hop a quick flight to montreal and stay maybe 2 days. who knew the flight tickets would be so expensive. about 4oo bucks. canada is right next door.
so i'm not allowed to buy tickets to this theatre production in the uk. and we'll see what happens with montreal. but i do love browsing around in seeing what arts are happening in various cities.
hope your sunday today is sweet. the sun is shining again here after a day of rain yesterday. it's nice, it cleans the city nicely. yesterday i watched the 'home going service,' as they say in the south, of teddy kennedy. it was quite beautiful and inspiring. while they stood before the space where they will bury him the sun was going down. the priest presiding said it is a gentle reminder of how the sun sets on us everyday, but tomorrow the sun comes back up bringing in a new day. with the days i have, we have, let's try to do the things that bring us life...


Susu said...

I absolutely love your closing line. So up to point. So true - and yet what a challenge!

l'air du temps said...

Dear Susu, true indeed. i think part of the fun can be in trying as well, seeing what we can do to make ourselves and those we love smile. i think you are good at that:)