Wednesday, August 12, 2009

darling have a heart

i've been reveling in the special posts of la belette rouge on the idea of home. and i must admit i love the lyrics from a video she posted. does anyone sincerely apologise anymore? and do they ask, beg and hope for your love. i love this idea. the lyrics go something like this...

'darling, have a heart, and don't let one mistake keep us apart. i was wrong and i know it. please forgive me. when i climb the stairs and turn the key... please be there saying thay you're still in love with me...'


Susu said...

Recognizing that you did something wrong and saying that you are sorry is the most wisest yet the most difficult of things to do.

Referring to your last post, do go for it my dear! You have it in you. I, like many others, am there on your side, cheering for you. Take the plunge and share your gift!

La Belette Rouge said...

His apology in that song brings me to tears. Sooooo powerful.

I am so happy you are enjoying my series. Would you be up for doing a post? I would need one by the end of the month. I would love to hear how your thoughts about home have changed as you have been thinking/reading about home. I would LOVE it!!!

If you don't want to then there is no need to apologize.

l'air du temps said...

hello Susu, it is true isn't it, to recognise and apologise when we have done something wrong. it takes courage. the reward is quite beautiful if we can be forgiven and loved in return. ...thanks so much for your words of encouragement about my writing. i am taking your words to heart!

dear Belette, it really is a beautiful song and a beautiful performance. thank you for sharing it with us, good call! i look forward to writing a few words to share on your blog. i really appreciate your invitation. merci beaucoup!