Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the little things...

things are quiet on this side. i haven't been up to much. we had rain storms today. it hasn't rained so hard and so long for a long time. while sleeping last night i dreamed of the rain banging into the windows. so nice to be warm and cosy inside.

i've a little trip this weekend, really little, 2 days. i'll go and visit a friend and celebrate a birthday. i love traveling, even if it is a little travel. what to pack, right? i'll pack a little bag. i might keep it simple and classic; black slacks and a nice white shirt, kinda kathryn hepburnish...

how are you these days? i hope well. i'm alright. nothing special, but in a way it all seems quite beautiful. love it!

know what? i think of you and wonder what you are up to sometimes... i really do.



Angie Muresan said...

I was in Seattle the last two days and thought about you. You would love Seattle, Audrey. Filled with lovely cozy cafes and breathtaking views. Have yourself a beautiful little trip!

Susu Paris Chic said...

I also wondered about you the past weekend... See how we all cyber fairies quietly think good thoughts about each other.

I had a superb day yesterday out in Paris. I took the time to stop and marvel at some of the delicate architectural details of the surrounding buildings. I also saw a certain bag and wondered if you'd like it. I bought a new season's colors' scarf... blues and digital prints are pushing in... got some nail polish too. This got me inspired and pondering upon my new posts. Blogging just keeps me smiling and going about happily.

Nuria said...

Hi!! Pues yo sigo con mi tesis y mi vida familiar. Trabajando muucho e incansablemente. Durmiendo poco e interrumpidamente. Afuera llueve sin descanso. Muchos días con viento fuerte. Casi no se puede salir a la calle con Ulises por la lluvia, el viento y el frío. Lo justo para comprar el pan y hacer algún recado. Disfruta del cumpleaños de tu amigo o amiga y de tu pequeño viaje. Los pequeños viajes nunca son tales. Son oportunidades para salir fuera y cambiar de aires. Seguro que te traes alguna idea nueva para tu blog. Está muy bien tu tranquila vida invernal. Coge fuerzas para la primavera!! Besos!!

l'air du temps said...

Angie, ah hah!! you are indeed getting to know me. i do love me cafes, add beauty to the mix and i am in love. thanks so much for thinking of me!!

Susu, i love the details of your paris walks. i'm so pleased you are well and enjoying every last morsel of paris for us, your sister cyber fairies!!

Nuri, sweet kisses to you (smuaaack:) so glad to hear your thesis is coming along. ahhh, little sleep... the sincere song of a new sweet mama. i hope to do a sweet little trip this year to see you and to meet gorgeous Ulises! until then, besos dulces i send. stay warm and dry!!