Friday, February 19, 2010


you my dear friends may know by now that my mind works best during storytelling. when i have the chance to visit a place, and when i return, friends will say 'so tell me about your trip.' i never know really where to begin because my mind simply doesn't work in a way where i would say 'i saw this and i saw this...' my mind works by way of telling stories.

i've been at a loss for words lately when a friend asked about some tips for visiting barcelona, i lived in barcelona for a year (and madrid for four years). as she is going for a week in may, i've been wondering what to say by way of suggestions of what to do and see in barcelona. i figured out why i have not come up with anything to say, which i thought was quite strange.

in general all the tour books lay out clearly the must sees when visiting a place, so i would not be telling her any secrets when i mention the sacrada familia. ...when i visit a place, i visit in such an organic manner. i never really know what i'm going to do, so it's difficult for me to suggest to someone 'you should see this.' i mostly feel my way around, see what my heart says when i wake up that morning. but i may have figured something out. as you know i like to tell stories, so i thought of some of my favorite memories and am beginning to get some ideas...

you see, i can't say 'you should visit the Mediterranean sunset,' but i can tell you about the most gorgeous sunset i have ever seen. while living in barcelona some friends invited me for an evening in Sitges, which i have never heard of. they thought i should see it as it is absolutely beautiful. it's just outside of barcelona. we took the train out. when i arrived, the sun was just beginning to set. we walked along the sea taking in the breath-taking prettiness of the seaside small town. there, one will visit a feeling. a feeling of walking casually along the sea with friends who i loved being with, laughing and having fun, conversations and spirits in awe of the beauty of this simple small town. i happened to look up again and visually captured a moment when the sun itself seemed the biggest and the most golden and the most present and close it has ever seemed in all my life. there it was, beautiful warm, huge, round; a golden ball with hints of red ever present just before my eyes. my heart seemed to stall for a moment. we all stood in awe as it slipped down into the horizon ...and only rays of light continued to light the horizon after the sun had set.

i hope i never forget that moment when my heart was touched so by such beauty in the midst of such wonderful sweet company. we all strolled over to a tiny out door cafe terrace for sipping of something cool or sweet while we discussed where on earth should we have dinner.

so i remember now, i can say to my friend, if you think it might please you, you and your sweetie could spend the day by the sea in Sitges, or simply travel out by train before sunset, have a walk along the sea, before going off to dinner.

and then maybe i'll remember... of course!! the fun fantastical colourful playland of parc güell.

indeed too, barcelona's stunning architecture along the grand boulevards. In barcelona, there, it may be that you find yourself drinking a bit less of spain's delicious red wine, and sipping a bit more on Cava, spain's own luscious sparkling wine, as champagne can only be called so when it's actually made in the champagne region of france.
it's coming back to me now... i think i might have a few things to share...
you, what's on for the weekend? i hope you will enjoy it in your own special way!! have you had the feeling of more sunsine? like the sun is getting closer to us, and hanging around a little longer during the day... spring on the way?
sweet weekend dear You!!


Angie Muresan said...

Oh, you lucky girl! I so love Spain!!! And I get what you mean of telling someone about someplace by way of storytelling. You would just write the most enchanting travel essay book. I believe you should.
Busy weekend for me. My darling's turning four tomorrow and we're having 20 children plus their parents over for pizza, cake and ice cream. Luckily, they're all family, so I don't need to clean the house in preparation.
Wishing you a beautiful, fabulous weekend! Kisses and hugs!

La Belette Rouge said...

I have been up and down the Costa del Sol but I have never been to Barcelona or Madrid and I sooooo want to. And, you have only amplified that latent longing that lives within me. Gracias, gorgeous!!! I agree with Angie, I believe you have a beautiful book within you.
My weekend: yoga, massage, time with He-weasel, lunch and shopping with a friend. I am looking forward to it.
Have a gorgeous weekend!xoxo

Nuria said...

Los lugares están hechos de momentos y de gente con quien compartirlos. Ir a visitar los lugares de la guía pero sin corazón, sólo por tomar una foto, no es satisfactorio, o al menos creo que es algo que a veces haces pero que te deja fría, impasible o incluso aburrida.

Lo has descrito genial a través de tu entrada. Te felicito por ello: you see, i can't say 'you should visit the Mediterranean sunset,'. Ja, ja, sería ridículo, sin embargo i can tell you about the most gorgeous sunset i have ever seen.

Pero me he ido contigo a ver la puesta de sol en tu blog. La próxima vez que vengas iremos a ver cualquier otra que tampoco salga en la guía.

Aquí sigue lloviendo osea que mucho sol no habrá el fin de semana pero el día va alargando y se nota. Mi finde estará lleno de cotidianidad supongo. Tanto que no se notará que el fin de semana ha llegado.

Besos y pásalo bien tú también!

Susu Paris Chic said...

The way you write about the stroll along the beach and the sun... I just get drawn in in the most profound and pleasant of ways.

My weekend will be about an art exhibition. Also a Sunday lunch on "the boat". Yesterday I finished my own art piece, a third one this year. I felt all bubbly about it. So tonight I arranged that we have champagne and sushi - my fave' feat. Oh, and I've been into jogging quite intensely recently. It just feels so divine. Thinking about you my dear... sending happy thoughts and pink feathers!

Eva Internazionale said...

You're so lucky to have lived in both Madrid and Barcelona. I don't think I will ever live in Barcelona because I don't think I would be able to learn Catalan well, but I do love it. Madrid, on the other hand, has been calling me for years. Maybe this summer.