Monday, February 22, 2010

on blooming later

had a reunion with some university 'sisters' this weekend. ok, i'll confess, in university i pledged a sorority. i was a bit naive about the whole deal. i totally thought the sisterhood was a cool way to work in community service, at least that is how it was sold to me. once i was in, i had a chance to see that it was far different from what i thought it would be, so i distanced myself.
all through the years the girls get together quite often, but i have never joined in. i was urged to come and hang out for an evening at one of the girl's house. dinner, wine, catching up and connecting was in store.
it was quite nice. it's amazing to see how after all these years how our lives are taking shape. in general i have angered (really angered) family and friends simply because i haven't married and started a family. i'm too busy planning my next trip...
but i do think there comes a time, if not a moment in time, or perhaps along the way, when i ask myself what am i doing and where am i going.
it truly is a gift to say i like where i am now and i hope to continue to grow into myself. there is much to do; career, home, love... but it's a lot easier to do these things when one's heart is not broken as mine have been over the years by people i love.
what's sweet, is coming into my own, learning that it is my heart that says so, not anyone or anything else. i was torn by everyone else's idea of who i should be. now i know that it is me, myself that needs to say yes to what i need and want. and it feels really good to be getting to this place.
the time with the girls was incredibly lovely. and definitely a reminder to be true to myself and continue in my efforts to shape a life for myself that is pleasing. they are well into what they have chosen for themselves. i, myself am onto a late start for what i personally want and need, loving myself and following my heart. but it feels really good to have figured out this essential piece of the puzzle.
here, you encourage me... and i am immensely grateful. i read your comments, thoughts and ideas, and i am warmed and i feel thought of... thank you!
and i see your comments from the last post too. lovely!! merci beaucoup sweeties...


La Belette Rouge said...

Any reminder to be true to yourself and continue your efforts to shape a life that is pleasing to you is a wonderful thing.

Angie Muresan said...

Always do what feels right for you. Everyone's got ideas of how a life should be lived, but you are the one living it, so only you can make that decision. Love and hugs to you, my dear Audrey.

Nuria said...

hey corazón sensible. imagino un futuro para tí con "your place". siempre que lo dudes recuerda tu propia entrada "remember all the varied ways that love takes its place in your life..."

Enhorabuena por tus clases de español. No necesitas demasiadas. Tienes un gran nivel! Besos!


Susu Paris Chic said...

Stay on the good road that you have now started on. I can see you grow stronger day by day in what you want to do and what you want to feel. Beating gloomy moods starts by controlling our emotions. Deciding to be contented. That is what you are doing. And thus you stay behind the steering wheel. Sweetly and calmly tracing your lovely way.

When we feel joyful, at times more than others but still always a tiny dash, life appears softer and worth living, seeing behind every curb.