Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy love day

i used to get into a lot of trouble when i was in my twenties. if a certain young man who i was interested in came to my apartment, there he would find cute little valentine gifts on my bookshelf, or on a coffee table. little bears that said i love you, little hearts that asked me to be their valentine. he'd wonder where were these gifts from...
you see i've never thought of valentine's day as a sweethearts day, i've simply thought of it as a love day. this is because when i was a little girl, my mom would give me, all of my siblings, valentine's day goodies. they were little bears, or little hearts, candy or perfume. and i've kept them over the years and as they were these little things. i'd tuck them in little places as a reminder of my mom's thoughts of me.
and when the gentlemen saw them they were a bit confused, and i'd have to explain that they were from my mom. they were not always convinced. i secretly liked remembering that i was already loved, and if things were to work out and he and i became boyfriend and girlfriend, well that was like icing on the cake. more love is simply sweeter!!
i hope your day is sweet. and too, remember all the varied ways that love takes its place in your life...
sending valentine kisses!!


Susu Paris Chic said...

Luckily love does take so many different forms. In Finland this day is most of all the Day of Friendship. Folks send each other cards thanking dear close ones for their time and support.

Love does surround you, dear Audrey. You give to life, and life gives back.

Thank you for making my life more beautiful by your sweet and inspiring friendship!

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Nina said...

You are sooooo sweet!

Angie Muresan said...

Audrey dear, those poor guys! What a lovely gesture on your mom's part though. Little reminders to show you that she loved you. I hope you are having a beautiful, love filled Valentine's weekend. Hugs and kisses!!

La Belette Rouge said...

I love your take on LOVE day! Happy LOVE day to you! Hope your day is filled with love and reminders of how loved you are.xoxo

Nuria said...

"remember all the varied ways that love takes its place in your life..." Me encanta esta frase. Muchas complicaciones nos ahorraríamos todos si la asumiéramos. Porque hay épocas de nuestras vidas (particularmente cuando atravesamos un fracaso sentimental o anhelamos al vecino) en las que parece que el amor romántico es el único. Y no es así. Espero que hayas disfrutado del día. Yo, fíjate, ni me he enterado de qué día era... Te envidio por celebrarlo con amor, porque yo nunca le concedí una oportunidad a este día pero, a tu luz, me parece mucho más bello.