Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i've a friend who is to be married in about a month. we sat yesterday for hours over hot chocolate discussing her fears, her concerns, her hopes and excitement.

we talked about making love and making babies. how beautiful! i wish her every good thing. and i reminded her that i will be right there. so on that day, look into my eyes if you need to, and know that nervousness is quite normal when you mean it; love for life. i will walk with you while you do this! my heart spun around each time she told me how much she loves him. ...i left our time together walking on air...

today the snow falls intently, i plan to meet another friend to play in the snow... i really mean play... running and jumping and rolling in piles of snow. remember?

you... i hug!!


Angie Muresan said...

Oh how fun!! Both the wedding and the playing in the snow! Enjoy it, dear Audrey! Roll around and laugh until your sides hurt. Love and hugs!

Susu Paris Chic said...

When a good friend gets married, it is always a big change. You can also feel some apprehension... "will I still have the same good ol' gal pal?" If we make efforts, we'll stay the same. We'll find the time for close ones.

How precious of you to be there for your friend!

Red Lipstick Style said...

You are a doll for being such a caring friend. I know that marriage is so wonderful, but also so scary. You are relying on another person to be faithful and true for the rest of his life. Thank is enough to make anyone nervous, no matter how much in love they are. You are so sweet to be there for her.

Oh playing in the snow sounds fun! I'm thinking of going to visit snow locally with my fiance for Valentines, just to play, I can't ski because of my sprained ankle. I'm really tempted after reading your description of how much fun you are going to have!

Happy Valentines, sweetie ;)

Nuria said...

Genial la nieve. Genial siempre ahí para tus amigos. Merci guapa!

l'air du temps said...

hey Angie, the snow was pretty great... soft and smooth. loved it! yup the wedding is on its way, what a big step for my dear friend after all this time...

oohhh, Susu maybe you understand. I have 'lost' most friends after they get married. They seem to disappear into all the demands their time and attention and love. unfortunately after many years of this, i come to expect it and i simply wish them well on their new chapter in life.

Dear Shari, your words are quite precious, 'relying on one person to be faithful and true.' what a beautiful phrase, i realise it does not mean 'no mistakes,' simply be faithful and true with all our doings and emotions.

hope your ankle is getting better. your weekend escape with your sweetie sounds incredibly sweet. enjoy!!

Hola guapa tu!! espero que tengas un buen fin de semana con tus sweeties, your 2 sweet boys!!