Friday, March 12, 2010

entre hiver et printemps

in between winter and springtime we find ourselves, on the cusp. the dry gray days of winter not quite behind us, and the hope and colour of springtime waiting in the wings. another wintertime in our book of life we can check off in a matter of days. what a sweet present. i try to be mindful of my time, what i've done and what i'm doing, and too what you're up to. when you tell me about all the goodies you're up to, me wee heart just loves it.

as springtime is nearly here and we are full of the hope that this change in season brings, i found myself listing all the things i am thankful for. i even surprised myself. it's difficult for me to count my blessings because i feel like they might disappear. i know i'm not alone in this feeling, as i've heard some of you share similar feelings. but i'm so happy that these are just fears, they are not reality. and i suppose there is something, a lot, connected to counting our blessings, naming the stuff that works out alright. i find that there is our reality, what is real, not the bogey man stuff that goes on in our heads.

so lots of goodies to count...
  • deelisshhous lunch today with a dear friend
  • weather warm enough where i did not have to wear a scarf
  • here writing and waiting for a favorite television program to start
  • started reading a new book today, the girl with the dragon tattoo.
  • cooked a little delicious dinner as well... and had tea and cookies (for dipping) afterwards
  • and i saw the cutest cutest little girl today with her mother. she was going on and on talking and talking. i couldn't get over how cute she was.

that's it for now. good. i once heard a woman who is a survivor of the holocaust say that a boring evening at home is a good day. her words were so simple and profound, they touched me and i still remember them, even 10 years later. i suppose so, considering what she has been through, to be safe at home is one of the sweetest things...


Angie Muresan said...

What a beautiful post this is, Audrey. I just finished reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and loved it. And how right that woman was. Being safe, at home, is one of the sweetest things!

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

so simple yet so profound. i didn't learn to be thankful until i was led back to my saviour. i still forget to remember. too often. beautiful post.