Saturday, March 13, 2010

my sister

i went to the hair stylist the other day and she cut my hair in a cute little short style. i like it very much. but my hair never looks the same or even nice the next day or any other day that i don't visit the hairstylist. the reason is because i have no idea how to do my hair, i never have. i remember as a girl when my mom stopped doing my hair (and she did it really nice) and told me that it is time, that i am old enough to begin doing my own hair. i not only had no idea what to do, i had no interest in learning. i've always just wanted my hair to look pretty, but i've had no interest in doing it. i guess i'd have to get in a long line of women who share the same sentiments.
so the other day the stylist did a nice job, and i look at my hair today and i think it would be nice for example, to invent a story, if my sister were a hair dresser. let's say we live together and each morning before going to work she would do a quick and easy 1.2.3. and i've have a cute little hairdo and we'd both be off to begin our days...

i reminded myself that not only have i not talked to my sister in a while, and not only does she totally have her own life, i have never mentioned her to you. i like and love my sister very much. i don't know if two sisters could be more different in character, well i suppose there is lots of room for that possibility. i am the shyer more reserved one, and my sister has enough confidence and outgoingness to share. she's lots of fun and the party really does begin when she arrives (my mom is the same). she married and started a family young and loves being a mom, whereas i'd have to read a manual to learn to put a diaper on properly, and were i to marry, i'd have to marry a man who doesn't mind being second to my love for solitude, reading, and lots of books (though i'd try to convince him he's not second:).

my sister and i don't see one another very often. i think mostly because when we were growing up our lives were so different, she was out on the town with her friends, and i was inside reading. we never really spent a lot of time together and i guess it spilled over into our adult lives.

thing is, we like, admire, respect and love one another a great deal. when we do see one another it is a deep pleasure. my nephew once asked in frustration, why when my sister and i are together we start right away giggling and telling stories about when we were girls. stories of my sister protecting me from the neighborhood bullies, or me having serious conversations with my sister about why she should take time with her school lessons.

when she graduated from high school and had absolutely no interest in going to university, i talked her into going. i told her that university is far more fun than high school. what did i know, just that i loved being in school. her first year there she met her boyfriend who became later her husband and father of her children. he blames me for having fallen in love with such a strong willed woman...

i got to thinking that i should see my sister more often, i simply should.

one afternoon my sister and i were at a little gathering. there were people there we had never met. as my sister and i don't see one another often, we stole away to a corner and just sat and laughed and connected all over again. i over heard someone ask who we were. and then said, 'sisters? wow, they are happy together.' my heart was touched. a stranger appreciated us giggling over in the corner. i do hope that the love that my sister and i have for one another is a beauty in itself, and perhaps that is something that can be seen, this is my hope...


Susu Paris Chic said...


How lovely to wake up on this lazy Sunday morn' and read what you have been pondering... Merci dear!

It is true that I can't recall you talking about your sister. Or at least not a lot.

My sis and I are a bit of the same story. When I call her, we can easily babble away an hour or more - costly international calls that is. But if I don't contact her, she won't do it either. Yet whenever I do ring her up, or see her, she is genuinely moved. We have a lot of years between, naturally separating us a pinch, I'd say.

She looks very different, her passions are very different, her style and goals are not mine. But she's my flesh and blood. We have a common story. And it does feel down to the bone whenever we are together. And just like you, I love my sis deeply.

On another note, I feel that you have sort of become my sis too. A tiny dash. I hope you don't mind me thinking this. Sisters share and sisters trust. And that's what we do.

Have a blessed Sunday!

l'air du temps said...

dear Susu, i feel very much the same as you in so many ways... it is a pleasure for me now to be relaxing this sunday and find such beautiful words from you!

i like what you wrote about your sister, it seems we share similiar 'sister' experiences.

and icing on the cake, if you think of me as a sister, then this touches me in the sweetest way. and also you give me permission to think of our connection as something genuinely special, as i already do!

have a wonderful week special you!

Angie Muresan said...

Audrey, I have to say that, I too, feel as though you are a sister of mine. As does Susu. There's something about the two of you that just feels so familiar and lovely. As if we knew each other for years and years.
I have two sisters, you know, and we get along so well. We're all book lovers, and see each other at least once a week.

l'air du temps said...

Dear Angie, on this side i can have my ups and downs, and i am always a bit surprised that you and Susu are so supportive. really All the few incredibly sweet people who visit me. for me it is more than enough... my cup is full.

As you feel a special connection with me and Susu, and as I have mentioned, if i have permission to believe our connection is genuine as i feel it is, this is a gift that just kind of snuck up on me in the sweetest way!

wouldn't it be nice when we can all sit down and meet and sip coffee and just enjoy one another... like you and your sisters do... that sounds especially nice to me!