Monday, December 17, 2007

eye candy

'i am legend,' what can i say? the film starts off intriguing, as will smith is thought to be the sole survivor on earth. it's great that as an actor, alone, he can carry the film. it's interesting watching him move about on screen as he does his daily doings. plus he's eye candy, just delicious to look at. but in the end the film doesn't hold up.
More eye candy... 'Atonement.'
it's a pretty film to watch. i read the book a few summers ago, which is wonderful, well written and intriguing. but during the film my mind kept drifting and matching the images with the story i had read. i wasn't as focused as i could have been. or does that say something about the film, that it does not keep me in the moment... could be a totally different experience for someone who has not read the book. but in the end, it is a beautiful film to watch, a pleasant space to be in for a moment.


Sarah Susanna said...

Hi, I was drawn to your blog because I love that perfume and you seem so much like someone I know--I wonder if you are the person--probably not! Love Will Smith but haven't seen that movie because it is seems too much like a nightmare I might have, from the title.

l'air de temps said...

hi sarah susanna, i did think of the name of my blog because of the perfume. i remember as a little girl thinking that the scent and the name reminded me of pretty things and i never forgot it.

it's funny that you said i remind you of someone you know. i had a quick look at your blog before responding and it seems that we have very similiar tastes in music as well as a love of poetry.

hope you'll come by again. and i'll pop by your blog again. it looks really interesting.

oh! the movie, i am legend, is a bit scarey if you are the squeemish type, which i am...