Sunday, December 9, 2007

beautiful dawn

where have i been? just
alone. time to think.
growing to do.
am i the only one,
or is it that everyone else is so much better at it?
where am i now?
a life worth living.
kinda like a symphony;
in blue,
moving and moody,
a hypnotic meditation on
who i’ve been,
who will i be?
thought i was alone,
but you remembered me, knew where to find me.
you found me here,
in this place where
the dawning of a new day
mingles with a lifting night.
a hue of ecstasy, a hint
of a surprise, lights
the sky again,
pouring in through baby’s
blue skylight,
filling the crib with a lullaby like presence,
while painting me anew…space,
fashioning in a bridge to tomorrow,
adorned with lavender lilacs and baby’s breath,
a fusion of a past and present,
only this time, a kind of
flowering for the future,
a flourish of inspiration,
a prospering in prettiness,
all festive like! a party,
…and new birth brass band
has been invited, on the music box.
hope you can come by again,
step in for some wine and goodies,
some philosophical musings,
barefoot dancing beneath
the blue crystal mobile,
it’s just the beginning again,
only better…
once more with love.
© audrey paradis

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