Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas

s. is coming to visit from madrid, just a few days after christmas. funny the preparations i'm making. it's funny because i'm not a domestic person in the least. and in general i haven't had many guests so i ask myself how does one prepare for a guest? strange i know, i should know this by now.

but i figure, it's pretty basic right? the sheets and towels are already cleaned. the house is clean already as well. i learned to clean because my grandmother worked as a cleaning lady. when i was a little one, maybe 8 or 9 years old, she would take me with her in the summertime to work. we took long train rides out to the suburbs to the homes of the wealthy, or rather well off. i remember how i loved those train rides. looking back now i wonder if it is because i love to travel, no matter how short the distance. traveling to places and enviorns, the newness of it all, i love it! anyway, we would arrive, divide the rooms to be cleaned amongst us, and get to it. i learned to clean, and i had a chance to be in spaces and places with lovely furniture in beautifully decorated homes, in gorgeous neighborhoods with lots of space and greenery. i think it some how fed my desire for loveliness, at least in the physical.

so with the cleaning done, when s. and i are together (m. completes our trio, but i have to wait until april to see her; more sweetness on the horizon), we like having our wine, and cheese, and olives of course (we lived in spain), and we sit and chat for hours and listen to music. oh, and he likes candle lit spaces. so i've bought more candles, some wine, olives.... i think i only need to buy a few groceries, and with that some nice cheeses. wish me luck...

it's nice right? holidays, a break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday, moments with friends... christmas love to you all...

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