Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas morning walks

woke up this morning and brushed my teeth, put on some clothes and went for a walk along the boardwalk with views of manhattan. the sky was big and blue, i thought what a nice thing on christmas day.

now i know folks like to have a white christmas, and i must admit there is something nice about seeing the cute little snow flakes falling on christmas eve. but in new york, lots of snow, and heavy snow storms are not unusual. so i know there will be plenty of time for snow with january vying for its turn in the winter months. for now, for me, it's nice that it's not too cold yet, and the sky is big and blue, with nice views.

i just thought it would be a nice way to start the day, it was. sweethearts and families and children up and out taking advantage of the morning. strangers smiling at one another, wishing merry christmas. why can't christmas be everyday?

while walking i noticed a number of folks with coffee in tow. i envy coffee drinkers, it really does seem like a pleasureable experience. coffee gives me the shakes, so i can't drink it, but for those who do, they seem to enjoy it so. such a sweet indulgence, no? a moment between you and your coffee... and new yorkers do like their coffee to go. something about it, having a boost while on the way to the next 'thing to do.' but this morning, walking along the boardwalk, there was no rush. folks were almost still, taking their time. couples holding hands, mommies and daddies pushing baby carriages, children testing out their new bicycles that 'santa' delivered only hours ago. hope all is good for you and yours this christmas.


Destination Metz said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to reading yours.

nuriiii said...
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nuriiii said...

I wonder why l'air du temps doesn't say to her/his friends when writes a new lines on her/his blog... So...I don't know why I'm writing "her" or "his". It's quite evident that l'air du temps is a woman. A sweet and pleasant and caring woman.

Thank you for your lovely words at Christmas and at anytime.

Happy New Year l'air du temps!!

l'air de temps said...

hi destination metz, nice to hear from you. i enjoy reading your blog. i appreciate your sincerity. have a happy new year!

l'air de temps said...

hey miss nuri!
okay, okay. i will let you know when i have made a new post. i just didn't want to assume that people want to read, so i did not say anything.

thanks for the encouragement. i will figure out how to sign on to the 'photo place.' (promise, this week) your pictures are incredibly interesting and fun. Feliz Ano nuevo!

nuriiii said...

Thanks a lot for your comments about my pics. You know?? I'm in love with your blog pictures. You have very good taste in "clothes" to your blog :) I like them!!