Tuesday, February 12, 2008

first snow fall

we are having at this moment our first real snow fall of the year. the city is always lovely when the snow is soft and new. a quietness comes, and calms the hustle and bustle that tends to be the norm. i remember when i was in my early twenties, fresh out of university, with my first apartment in park slope, i used to stock up on haagen daz butter pecan ice cream, entenmann's chocolate chip cookies, and believe it or not, my favorite meal at the time was steamed broccoli. i'd rent a few films and hole up for the weekend... these days when the snow falls i love a nice walk in central park...


nuriiii said...

Oh my god miss T! What do you want? I'm green with envy... Snow in NY, Central Park... It's too much. The first time that I was in the Big Apple it had been snowing recently and you still could enjoy the snow at Central Park. I remind the freezing weather in Manhattan. I had a fantastic memories of that visit (although my last visit was unbelievable, sure).

Send my regards to the NYC!


l'air de temps said...

lady n. i love your colourful post... snow (white), big apple (red), and (green) with envy.

te entiendo, the city is a wonderland under the snow fall.

i'll definitely give my regards to this your city too sweet one.