Sunday, February 10, 2008

keep in touch

let's take this slow. i feel like it has been an eternity since i have met you here on this space. i missed it so. as i walk around manhattan i often think about the words i wish to share, as well as words i have read on other blog spaces. i enjoy the exchange of experiences and ideas.

while walking one night i glanced over at the manhattan skyline and noticed a bridge. i'm not sure which bridge it was (not this one, just a picture i like) because i tend to get my bridges mixed up in this town. but the idea came upon me that it seems like a good idea if i can make a connection between where i am and where i would like to be in a logical way. as opposed to ending one thing and starting up another from scratch, as i usually do. starting from scratch, after you have done it a number of times becomes increasingly difficult.

i found these words, or did they find me...

'the wise woman bridges the gap by laying out the path by means of which she can get from where she is to where she wants to go.' john pierpont morgan (gender inclusion my own)

i've been looking for a new job. spending hours on the computer responding to job postings in an effort for better work and a better quality of life.

last week i went on 2 interviews and i hope that some interview some time will materialise into an actual work assignment.

('i was looking for a job and then i found a job and heaven knows i'm miserable now'. ~the smiths)

so for the first time in many years, i have had to don a suit. (not me, just a picture i like) you should have seen me, i was cute. still wearing a suit is like living in another universe; the way people treat and respond to you. unlike when i am moving around in my jeans and sports jacket. people call me miss h. and i wonder who are they talking to.

and in my efforts to snag new employment, as mentioned, my creative juices have been stifled, or perhaps directed elsewhere. and though i have been resisting returning to the 'corporate thing,' truth is, the pay is better and it is less demanding. when i have been involved in my creative endeavors i am always stressed about making ends meet. so i'm making a change.

and in connection to bridges, i'm interested in making a change in work and other aspects of my life in a balanced and harmonious way. that is, having my day job and at the same time having the time, energy and interest in indulging in the many and varied things that make me smile. i have learned over the years that we simply have to be intentional about it. sure work can be tiresome and draining, but we have to do it. well, most of us. so the thing is not to allow my creative curiosity to suffer, because then i suffer. i need art.

and these past weeks have been a good example of what can happen. while i am absorbed in my job search i was thinking that i have nothing pretty to share here in this space, nothing fantastic or fantastical. and then it dawned on me that the truth of the matter can be fantastic. that is, amongst friends or interested parties it could just be fantastic to know what i am up to, as opposed to missing in action. i know i want to know what my friends are up to, whether they are writing new music like h. or fashioning words for a thesis like n. or the lastest film j. has seen. so i hope to learn to share what i have been up to as well... even if it is not 'fantastic.'


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your hunt for work. I love the Smiths by the way and I so relate to that quote. Ahhh dear. I wish I could find a job that made me happy. Good luck to us!

l'air de temps said...

thanks a bunch. i see you understand! yes, luck to us.

nuriiii said...

Good luck to both of you!!

l'air de temps said...

thanks lady n.