Wednesday, February 27, 2008

yin and yang

yin and yang... a unity of opposites, dual concepts describe two primal opposing but complimentary principles... yesterday i found a quiet spot in a cafe to read a bit and write. i was glancing at a book titled 'the tao of writing.' from what i can understand from the few pages i have read so far, is that in writing, like mostly everything, it is a little easier and enjoyable if we can find a natural flow, as opposed to that which is pushed or forced. when the writer mentioned the idea of 'yin and yang' i am reminded that i have heard of this but i don't have a full understanding of this chinese philosophical notion. after reading a bit, i think i have a better understanding. and i am not sure if it is connected, but i began to think about how there can be dual happenings at the same time. for example, these winter months when all seems grey and dry and lifeless, it is hard to imagine that there are little flowers beneath the dry hard ground getting ready to spring and sprout in some weeks. spring is about 3 weeks away (21. march). so strange to think that we will be in the midst of the pinks and reds and greens of springtime soon. i try to encourage myself to imagine, and to remember that what seems positive or negative, black or white, are only perceptions. the yin and the yang co-exist, and it is challenging to say what is positive and what is negative. for example, it is when we think we are lost that we find new and interesting places that we never knew existed...

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