Wednesday, February 13, 2008

orange good mornings

upon awakening most mornings, i lay in bed and listen a bit, to my heart, the sounds outside, and give thanks for a new day.
this morning, with all the snow that has fallen, i can hear the shoveling of snow out doors. i get up and have a look out the window. there's a man in a bright orange sweater cap clearing the side walk. good for him. in this grey winter city, orange is a brilliant choice! the snow has turned to rain, and there is lots of it. good. it's always nice when the city can get a good thorough washing, even though i must admit that i was looking forward to the snow lingering for a while. a soft white powdery nyc is a nice vision.
the 2 brothers (the boys) that i give english lessons to will go skiing this weekend. ages 9 and 10. i asked them if they have ever been skiing before. boy l. says, 'yes, when we were younger, but we don't remember.'

me, i've never been skiing. i tend to think i can't stay out in the cold for long periods of time. well, i can, i just prefer and choose not to. i don't like to be cold. but i hear with all that ski gear, you don't get cold. only reason i'd like to go skiing is to sit by the warm fire in the ski cabin and drink hot cocoa like they do in the those films. but up on the slopes... not sure how well i'd do. i should give it a try, i hear it's a beautful experience. hmmm...

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Angie Muresan said...

Audrey, skiing is tons of fun, and with all the clothes on and the movement, you don't really feel the cold. But you know what? The best part is sitting around the crackling fire in the lodge, warm drink in hand. It's better than the movies.