Wednesday, July 2, 2008

all in time?

as i am learning to speak french it comes as a surprise to me that i never knew the 'meaning' of angelina jolie's name. though to be perfectly honest i don't think about her much, which is only fair because i suspect that she does not think of me much as well (insert smile here:)

this past sunday i allowed myself the pleasure of spending some time in a beautiful independent bookstore cafe in soho. i ordered a pot of tea, gathered up my favorite magazines, a travel writing of a woman falling in love in tuscany, and, funny to see the book 'petite anglaise' here after browsing her blog.

i picked up vanity fair magazine only because the cover with a.j was so striking. i guess that's the point. in her interview she said something that i thought was interesting. '...figure out who i am and try to enhance my individual personality and not get in the way of it.'

i suppose this struck me because of a few things that i've been thinking on...

as my new year's wish list for 2008 i wished for, among other things:

1. a sweet home

as an adult, i've made some great efforts to put myself back together again after a somewhat difficult childhood. i like so much the way i'm going, though it has been a long road. ...but a living space that is comfortable and beautiful, still elludes me. this morning i was thinking, what's the block, and how long until i can get there?

to be honest, there is much that is beautiful that fills my days, and my mind, and my heart. i am grateful for these gifts. so i hope that i am not mistaken when i encourage myself to continue, because so much beauty has come into my life. and as my heart and mind are changing in wonderful ways, a space where i feel at home is on it's way.

so while i am 'figuring out who i am, endeavoring to enhance my individual personality... and if, i can get out of the way...' i so much adore and want for my home a 'shabby chic' style like this one. (click and make it big so you can really get the feel of all the softness and fluffiness:)

this one created by miss rachel ashwell has within it so much of the stuff i love... soft colours, fluffy comfortable fabrics, and it's simply pretty...

as i am figuring out who i am...

some things are simply clear. i think this quote by c.s. lewis captures my love of tea and books... 'you can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.'

hope you're feeling good today.


Justin said...

oh my day would be so much better with that sofa! my crappy ikea one is only one step up from sitting on the floor. Glad to hear you are having a good day!

P said...

I know exactly what you mean about the need for a comfortable, sweet home. I didn't have one until recently, having spent my entire adult life in horrible apartments that depressed me. It's so important to have a place to come home to that feels like a warm, comforting nest. I'm sure you'll find one this year. Fingers crossed...

smilnsigh said...

Lovely entry...

That is a "cushy" couch. I heard that term in an old movie {"Every Girl Should Be Married"}, with Cary Grant and his then wife, Betsy 'Something or other.' I love the sound of it... "Cushy" couch.

I love pretty too! As you probably know, from my blog. :-)

I wish you progress in making your living arrangement, just as you want it to be. And I wish you great joy, in the journey, to make it thus.

And I'm proud of how far you have already come, in your wish list journey.

Learning to speak French! How wonderful. All I can do is recognize some of 'the jist' of some of French, I read... from my {long, long ago} French classes. Very little 'jist,' I might add. :-)

But I love the look of the French language, and the sound of a person speaking English with a French accent. I love many things French... Not all, but so many. :-)

Smilnsigh blog

Le Tigre in France said...

I know exactly what P means..if you don't live a place that feels like your own, that feels home and is comfortable and pleasent, then it makes you work so much more harder to start the day in a good way. There's nothing better than waking up in a great place and coming home to something nice..I imagine anyway as we still live in a place which is not our own and it is a great source of anxiety for me. Sorry I've been a bit absent on the comments lately...

Susu said...

Your on your way my dear friend, and that is so precious. I find it very wise when you say that things will come together, little by little, and that you already have so much beauty and value in your life.

It is very much possible to leave behind painful childhood memories, and live the way you choose. When I was a kid, I swore I'd never yell or fight in my future adulthood home, and I haven't. And that is purely awesome.

My Castle in Spain said...

I'm all smile when you say you're learning French...Félicitations Audrey!

and for the sweet shabby chic home, like P, I'd say I know what you mean.
Until 3 years ago I used to share a house with 2 flatmates and I dreamt then to have my little home ! So I wish you make your little cozy nest very soon...

Bonne chance !!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

L'air du temps, what a sweet, hope-filled post. I really hope you obtain the home full of shabby chic, as you yearn for. But Rome wasn't built in a day...its little little steps, a little further every day, or week, or month.
I like the shabby chic style too.

And do try to do what you can to the place you are now. Sometimes a vase of flowers, and moving the lamp can work wonders. Lighting is so important and can affect the whole mood or look of the room. Study which corners of the room look best with a lamp in them. Some will look so romantic, others will be is surprising but true.

Other than that, keep hope alive and set goals, working steadily toward them. I know it will happen for you!!

l'air du temps said...

oh Justin, ikea is tricky isn't it? their stuff is so much fun, colourful and practical. but then you wonder ...just how long will the fun last?

thanks p. for your words of encouragement. as well, i can see you get me completely on this matter. i'm glad you found your place, it reminds me that change can come for me too.

hi Mari-Nanci, 'cushy couch' is indeed a nice term. i can feel the fluffiness (sp?) and sofness in the word:)

i like many things french as well. it seems as if it is a culture that pays special attention to the prettying of things.

le tigre, i think you are right. if one wants a nice home and doesn't have it, not being content in this way can be depressing.

you & C., having found a new place where you can create your own enviornment in your own style is inspiring. have fun decorating!

hi Susu, i deeply appreciate your optimism! sometimes it's good for me to be honest 'outloud' about how i feel. then i can see that my thoughts are not frivilous as you all have helped me to know.

cher Lala, french is such a pretty language. i have the chance to take my time and enjoy learning. j'aime beaucoup la langue, c'est jolie:)

merci pour votre bons souhaits sur mon 'nest.' i feel encouraged.

Lavinia, i like when you said that Rome wasn't built in a day. this reminds me to not only have patience, but to remember the positive changes that are happening all along the way.

thanks for the pratical tips. i need it. as where i am is not exactly as i hope, i was wondering should i still try to change it as best i can, or if it is a waste of time.

when i read your tips and ideas i think it can't be a waste of time to see a pretty vase of flowers or pretty curtains that allow the light to stream in just so...

Merci à vous aussi!