Thursday, July 24, 2008

sheer poetry

'...back when poetry counted for something.'

is a line i just read that gets me to thinking that indeed there 'was' a time when poetry counted for something. so often i can feel a bit out of place enjoying immensely what seems to be 'pleasures of the past,' the written letter, spending hours simply talking with a friend, as h. and i did on tuesday (5 hours, even i couldn't believe it). not only travel, but thinking about travel quite often, buses, trains, ordering a bit of red wine on flight to europe. i love it. but then in connection, how to find the time?

watched dr. zhivago last night for the first time. i never watched it because i thought it was only a movie about war. i don't like war movies. so it's not only about war, not in the least. the complexity of human emotions as well as experiences, i'm thinking about now. how, though it is often portrayed as such, all is not simply black and white, but a series of various hues that keeps us frustrated, over joyed, confused and ecstatic, very often even at the same time.

a 17 year old young lady asked me 'why do i like/drink tea?' i was at a lost for words...
what a wonderful question! mais les mots m'échappe...

i'm hoping that you are having the kind of day that makes you smile.


My Castle in Spain said...

I also like these "pleasures of the past" Audrey, but are they really of the past ? i like to believe they still exist

as you know, here, men are still using their mule to carry wood or fruit from "el campo". Naturally it tends to disappear and is a little bit sad in a way.

this afternoon, i was just telling my boyfriend about organized trips in "roulotte et cheval" in the south of France. so deliciously "désuet" !

Have a great week end Audrey!

l'air du temps said...

Lala, what a nice question. "...are they really of the past?" your message has me wondering now.

the other day on television i saw an older gentleman talking about how he has to show the young men in his small town how to use some old techniques in farming the land. as gas is so expensive they are unable to continue to use machinery.

i imagine this is more difficult, but at the same time there has to be something positive in having a more organic connection to gathering what we need in terms of 'wood and fruit.'

if you and your boyfriend go to 'roulette et cheval' i look forward to hearing all about it on your beautiful blog space.

bon week-end à vous aussi!