Monday, December 14, 2009

don't call it a comeback

i think the singer sade is quite stunning. i wrote in a post some time ago how there are some things that are difficult for me to indulge in because they are too heartfelt. i want to move in another direction rather than feel so deeply. i bet you this is the cause too of some of my frustration these days. the good stuff i want to run and hide from... deep flavors of sun dried tomatoes, these days too, garlic... the flavors are intense. an incredibly well written novel with rich dialogue... i may have to take a seat on a shrinks sofa to find out what that's about. or as mentioned, sit and sip wine with a friend and talk about it.
sade has a new album (i love using the word album, it's so retro) coming out in early 2010 (i like saying twenty ten too). it is her first in almost a decade. i was at her last concert in 2000, front row. i simply adore her soulful sensual heartbreaking lyrics. thing is, she takes these incredibly loooonnng breaks between albums. she says she takes time for living, and caring for the people she loves. makes perfect sense to me.
some writers call it a come back. they don't know what they're talking about. they may even be too young, unless they have been writing for the past twenty five years. if they have been then they know that she purposely takes long periods of time between her musical recordings. she loves performing, but she loves her family and friends even more, and would rather spend the time with them. and when the desire to produce and perform presents itself again... she graces us with her presence.
once when i was to buy tickets to one of her concerts, a friend of mine asked me if i could really sit through a sade concert, wouldn't that be too boring she asks me. i knew then that sade's slow melodic style is not for everyone. i can respect that. when sade left the stage almost ten years ago she was in her early 40's, i was not sure if i would see her again. now at 50, she's back, simply. love it! in my opinion she has a tiny bit of age in her voice, and this i love as well. it seems like a life lived with beautiful music with family and friends that sweeten each and everyday, or present those bitter days that encourage seasoning and growth. you may know what i mean.
and too i think about my own life. as the living is happening i look to season my days in such a way that i am as excited about my own self and journey, as i am about the journey of another, or perhaps even more so, just cause it's healthier that way. anywho, she's back and i'm excited.
have a look from one of her past songs from the eighties... the sweetest taboo here
is there someone who's music you adore? do tell sweet you!


Angie Muresan said...

I am one of those who says two thousand ten. I think it's the decade to blame.
I love how in a way, this post relates to the one above. Don't fear experiencing and enjoying the intense flavors of life. That's what I tell myself everytime I shy away from doing something. A life well lived is what I'm after.
Thinking of you! Hugs your way dear Audrey.

l'air du temps said...

Hey Angie, i actually had a conversation with someone about this, we were wondering what will we say, two thousand ten, or twenty ten... it was so much fun having the privlege to discuss such a frivolous thing. guess i'll grab this moment to wish you an amazingly beautiful two thousand ten!

I think maybe the thing to do is just to walk right into the wonders and enjoy the goodies that life has to offer. I so appreciate your insight...