Tuesday, December 8, 2009

not a drip drop

and you? how are you? what are you up to dear Reader? me? not a drip drop of a word, sentence, paragraph, dare i say story, will come to me to share with you here as i would love to. writers block? could be... i haven't been able to write a thing here to share with you.
dare i say it's a kind of frustration... it feels like it. i can imagine sitting down on a cosy couch over wine and talking with a good friend. i'd tell her that all this stuff is inside and it's ready to come out. stuff about living and i'm trying to figure out how to let it out. i'm writing to you now, as if we were together and i could share these words with you. it feels like a good thing, a frustrated good thing trying to find its way into the world, find it's way into being. for what i've done and what i've been no longer wants to be, a new thing is trying to emerge. i've mentioned how i want to care and nurture it and let it emerge. say a prayer for me. if prayer is not your thing, maybe think a good thought of me, send a cool vibe my way...
thanks for hearing my jumbled thoughts...
kiss u!


Hans Martin Landgreen said...

Dear daydreamer..

My advice on these difficulties is to read, listen to music, go to the movies..
I think we had a conversation about this in Barcelona. Where we got to the realization that you must have input to create output.

But when your in it, it's no fun at all. Just wrote my first song in 4 months. I was truly scared that I had written my last. pheww.....

lots of cool vibes from Copenhagen.
talk to you soon kiddo

PS: looking forward to your next post

Angie Muresan said...

Oh dear Audrey, I wait and wait for your lovely posts and then you go ahead and write one when I'm at my sickest (bronchitis, they say). So glad that I checked in tonight. My prayers are on the way to God's ear. The new you just needs the courage to emerge. There's real talent and real heart already there. Hugs and kisses!!!

La Belette Rouge said...

Wish I could pop over and sit on your couch and talk. My hunch is you have a lot to say. Let yourself say it even if you don't post it here. That said, your readers love and care about you. I know I do. I send the coolest and warmest of vibes and hugs to lovely you.xoxo

Nuria said...

Oh girl. Las oraciones no son lo mío, pero te animo a que sigas escribiendo. Si te consuela yo tengo momentos de real bloqueo en mi tesis, pero tengo que seguir adelante porque no puedo parar. Así que me fuerzo mucho. Fuérzate si lo necesitas o quizá tómate unas vacaciones de escribir. Véte a descubrir cosas nuevas. Este domingo en Washington Square seguro que encuentras algo que te inspire. Mucha fuerza my dear friend.


Susus Paris Chic said...

Dear Audrey,

I'll surely say a prayer for you, as I often do, especially as I go on my Paris walks.

I'm so glad you took up the courage to drop a line, just like you put it, between friends... all buddies that we are, just our encouraging circle here waiting to lift you up. Telling you, you can make it. There is so much lovely creativity in you. And it will come out. Just continue to dare, to gently but surely push your limits, my dear.

It is now sunny in here in Paris. Christmas is lurking around the corner. It has been a while that I haven't felt this light... and just simply good. I'm sending you this spirit... with a warm hug!

l'air du temps said...

Dear Hans,

thanks so much for the cool vibes and cool inspiration from Copenhagen. when i read your words i thought, that's it, some indulgence in some of the things i love would be good for getting the creative juices going. I appreciate your suggestions, and too the reminder of our walks around Barcelona. sweet!

congratulations to you too for writing again, i know it must feel good. 'Phew' is right.

Angie! how are you feeling? Bronchitis sounds painful. and here you are lending words to help a girl when she's frustrated when you are trying to feel better yourself... thank you.

i think you are so right, i've had a few days to think, there's this part of me that is ready to do a new thing, and since it is new and unfamiliar i feel like a child trying to figure the way to go. this is a good and exciting time too, although frustrating. i so appreciate your insight and prayers!

get well soon!! sending a virtual cup of warm camomile tea with honey...

belle Bellete!

call me fantastical, but i read your words and felt your desire to sit next to me on the couch and us having a bit of some girl talk and looking into what the block is.

us girls sharing a glass of wine and figuring this thing out... love it! peut-etre un certain jour...? your good vibes have made it to me... merci beaucoup.

Sweet Nuri!

de verdad, siempre hay algo interesante en Washington Square. el otro dia, vi un grupo de danse, impressionante.

intento de nuevo escribir, como tu diciste, siempre tenemos momentos dificil a escribir. pero es importante intentar...

llevas razon... gracias!! un beso grande my friend.

Dear Susu,

your kind and beautiful words are truly uplifting. I deeply appreciate your prayers and thoughts of me during your Paris walks!!

You are spot on, i do need to dare. that's it, to find the courage to go to the next place, next level. yesterday i envisioned a butterfly breaking out of her shell in her efforts to fly. it aint easy... i must dare.


sweet friends how sentimental i am today. forgive me... just how i roll sometimes...

sweet kisses and thinking of you! thanks a bunch.