Tuesday, January 22, 2008

angels can fly...

"angels can fly because they take themselves lightly"

i love this expression. a friend of mine invited me to a reception at his conservatory. it was a celebration for the alumni of julliard school of music. i am always impressed the few times i enter julliard just because i remember that miles davis spent some time there. to think that he and i have moved in some of the same spaces... kinda cool. when we walked into the reception hall there were more than enough tables spread full of delicious food. i love to eat. but it was a funny evening because while all the alumni were rightly excited and enthusiastic about seeing one another after who knows how many years, i was making my rounds among the food filled tables tasting this, and testing that. honestly everything was delicious, they even had frosted strawberry cake! but while there i noticed something, that is, i have never gone to any of my own university reunions (i have one coming up and i think i'll go). mostly because i have always thought that they are spaces where people return to judge one another. that may be a part of it, but really so what! it was a delight to be in a celebratory space where people were genuinely excited about seeing one another again, no matter what the other sentiments may have been, this was the prevailing one... one of sheer excitement. i thought of the angel phrase while there. don't take it all so seriously, have fun and eat cake!

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