Friday, January 11, 2008

cate blanchett as dylan... cool idea

imagine a sound track of our lives... what would yours sound like? that could be a fascinating endeavor, to set to music some of the experiences that we have had in our lives. 'i'm not there' is a film about the life of bob dylan, and cate blanchett ( i adore her creativity and performances) plays a 'chapter' in his life. the musical score of the movie is brilliant, it's dylan. and if you like dylan then you will love being swooned as the stories of his lives unfolds before you. in all honesty, at least for me, i think i am more in love with the idea of this film, as well as the way it looks on screen. somehow the 'story' itself did not capture me. but the music and the visual of different, all interesting, actors playing a part of a persons lifestory is a fascinating idea. and i am captured by the thought of thinking about what songs would express different times, seasons, aspects of our lives.
for this time of your life what would be a good soundtrack?
now playing on my music box is feist. she sings...
take it slow
take it easy on me
shed some light
shed some light on me please
...some sounds of my moments just for today...


Anonymous said...

I did not like this film at all, but I am not a fan of Haynes. The idea and premise was good, but in the end I think it was quite superficial sadly..

l'air de temps said...

i see you, like me enjoy going to the cinema. i love storytelling in all its forms, especially film and books.

the dylan movie lacked that certain something as well. it seemed like it had all the ingredients for it to be a great film; great music, interesting actors, and a tremendous life story to base the film on, but something somewhere just did not 'gel.'