Thursday, January 17, 2008

in case of emergency

whenever i have to go to the doctor's i am always afraid. a friend once said that is because we almost never go to the doctor when all is well, there is no need to. but when not feeling well, under these circumstances we are vulnerable. we want to feel better, we want to feel well again. and don't give me no bad news!

while at the doctors, filling out forms, the assistant asked me who to contact in case of emergency. though i try to recognise the positives about the family i was born into, for me it has been a source of pain. so i tend to cling to my friends, they are my 'family.' but especially m. so when i am asked who to contact 'in case of emergency' i am reminded of how fortunate i am, we all are, to have in our lives someone who genuinely cares.

the doctor thinks my little aches and pains are connected to 'stress.' i hope so, and of course i hope the stress and aches and pains will pass, the sooner the better...

while exiting the medical facilities, i glanced at a pretty sign hanging over the receptionists desk. it read 'may all your dreams come true. work hard. and be kind.' ...nice.

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