Thursday, January 24, 2008

curious kernels

there is a thing about me that even i myself find curious, simply because i have absolutely no idea where it may come from. that is, fine design leaves me breathless. i don't think that it is a materialistic thing because i rarely feel like i want to have or own that certain object once my eyes fall upon it. the mercedes benz has for quite sometime been one of those 'things,' i am even tempted to say a high end mercedes. i am hesitant because i know absolutely nothing about cars, i don't even know how to drive. but the ones that are sleek and elegant i suspect are quite expensive, all quiet and catlike in their existence.
i began thinking about this as i saw on television the other night a comercial for the new 'mac book air.' stunning! i could only look in disbelief. how did they do that? so slender and special, i can think of all the poems, essays and stories i can type into that little sweetie. does it come in pink? in case you haven't figured it out, pink i adore.

i also have a little thing for fine watches. don't know what it is. and i must confess 'a fine watch' is something that i would like to own someday. which reminds me of an idea i heard during an interview with the actress shari belafonte. she is an actress and model in her own right, and the daughter of the actor harry belafonte, though i haven't seen her around lately. during an interview it was suggested to her that she must of had a lot of expensive 'things' while growing up, her being the daughter of the famous and well to do harry belafonte. i remember her response although it was many years ago. it struck me as a kernel of wisdom. she said she did not have a lot of things as a child. in fact she had very few things, but the things that she did have were well made and of quality material. she had one coat, but it was a really good coat, she had one or two pairs of shoes at a time, but they were good shoes. i like very much this idea. many of us are privileged in the sense that we mostly have all we need 'materially.' i was thinkin' that i would like to make better choices with my purchases. okay i'm not going out just these moments to buy the new mac air book, nor a spanking new mercedes. but i must admit, a fine watch is on my wish list...


nuriiii said...

Pues yo hace años que no llevo reloj. Si quieres hacerme un regalo, regálame una camiseta de I LOVE NY, pero no un reloj. Yo vivo más a gusto sin reloj. Aunque, en realidad, hago trampas. Vivimos rodeados de relojes: en el ordenador, en el vídeo, en la tele, en el microondas,en el móvil (por supuesto). Y yo, si con todo voy por ahí y necesito saber qué hora es y no tengo a mano algo que me dé la hora, sigo recurriendo a las cabinas telefónicas, que en España, vienen siempre con reloj.

En todo caso, en mi lista de deseos podría poner que resucitara el reloj que me regalaron para mi comunión (lo llevé durante muchísimos años), y que, según me dijeron en la relojería, no tenía ya solución. Era de aquellos digitales y creo que fue el culpable de que nunca haya aprendido a leer, al primer golpe de vista, la hora en los relojes de saetas. Qué bruta...

l'air de temps said...

hey miss Nuri, i was just thinking the other day how madrid is full of clocks. i liked that. i didn't wear a watch either. i totally hear what you are saying.

it's funny, in the 'good old days' when asking someone for the time, i still do it, we would point to our wrist (where a watch would be) and mouth 'do you have the time?' now people will reach for their mobile phones to check and give the time. so i have been wondering if the little motion of pointing to the wrist while asking for the time will remain a part of our cultural gestures. it will be interesting to see.

lastly, not only have i been attracted to nice watches in general, i am even more so now simply because they remind me of a time that is passing. i suppose the day will come when almost no one wears a watch. i like to have a reminder of 'the good old days' when people 'had the time.'

besos guapa!