Thursday, November 19, 2009

light blue

rainy today
i'm kinda looking forward to the rain
not really blue, kinda light blue
good music on
the day before me with the stuff that needs to be done
looking forward to doing the stuff that needs to be done
laundry? (tomorrow i think)
deep thoughts about the meaning of life
hope a nice story emerges
want to look in a pretty picture magazine
should write at least 2 sentences in french, get back to studying again...

who cares really, just mapping the day out for myself.

are you well?

sending love...


Angie Muresan said...

Audrey, tomorrow's always a better day for laundry. Your day sounds just about perfect. I'm just lounging around myself, reading and writing. Kids are at my parents' house until Sunday. Grandma and grandpa like to take them over for three four days at a time, so that hubby and I get to go out and enjoy ourselves without worrying about bedtimes.
By the way, you should receive the book by Monday. Hope you enjoy it!

l'air du temps said...

hi Angie, I popped in a little earlier and read your message here... it made me smile;)!!

enjoy!! your sweet time with your hubby, and your time relaxing and reading and writing. it simply sounds wonderful.

thanks so much for sharing such wonderful comments and stories always... i love 'em.

looking forward to the book, what a treat. thanks again! i'll let you know when it arrives...