Sunday, September 6, 2009


one week of writing! (5 consecutive days was my goal) whoo hoo! can you believe, i have never written for one week straight? and i say i want to be a writer. well i want to celebrate this momentous occasion. and i want to thank you for popping in, reading and commenting from time to time. i really appreciate it. in fact i said to myself one evening that i wasn't going to try to write everyday because my stories are stupid and uninteresting. and then it got worse. i was going to close down my blog because my blog, too, is stupid and uninteresting. someone left a comment. and i realised someone took the time to read what i had wrote and liked it enough to comment. and i felt better and encouraged. thank you. thing is to do it. and to keep doing it until what we are doing transforms from bad to better... to good... to hopefully... brilliant. that's what i'm hoping for. and from writing from one week i find that i like it and it feels good and i will continue. thank you so much for popping in when you have a minute.

as i am one to not celebrate really, this i will celebrate as i am learning to celebrate achievements, the tiny ones and the not so tiny ones. i think it shows an appreciation for opportunity, effort, and achievement.

i was thinking of posting a picture, a celebratory cake. then i thought i would prefer to look at a picture of a gorgeous dress. then i thought, as i am watching the u.s. open these days, and i have a crush on roger federer (hee hee) i'll post a picture of him. i wondered what he might be doing today since he is not playing, of course, practice! that is what he is doing. we must practice to get good. ok he's great, it only means more practice...

hope you are having a sweet day!


nurii said...

No nos hagas la faena de cerrar tu blog. Piensa que, aun cuando no hay ningún comentario, siempre hay alguien al otro lado leyendo tu post ;-)


PD: ah, y no seas demasiado exigente contigo misma, sé tan dulce como con los demás :)

Angie Muresan said...

I have been reading your posts ever since you guest blogged on La Belette. Don't ever think about closing down your blog! You are already a wonderful writer!

Susu said...

Moments of disbelief and doubt and self-putting down will come, but you did what you'll now do more, since you did it once... you'll go on and practice and get better. And get encouraged by what you just overcame... and so on.

This is an occasion to celebrate. Promise me you'll have some pretty nice tea from a festive cup!

l'air du temps said...

hola Nuria, gracias por tus commentarios. siempre me inspira! un beso fuerte para ti y Uli!

Angie, what a sweet surprise. see, one never knows who's having a peek... i am encouraged. thank you very much!

Susu, i promise to have a celebratory cup of tea! this is a wonderful idea...

La Belette Rouge said...

I am a fan of your blog and your writing. I look forward to coming to your beautiful blog and entering your world. I wish you could sit where I am sitting and see your writing, your blog and lovely you from my perspective. If you did you would never consider for a second shutting down your blog. I am celebrating that you are here. xoxo